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‘HawkSpex’ Mobile App uses Spectral Analysis to Look Inside Objects

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‘HawkSpex’ Mobile App uses Spectral Analysis to Look Inside Objects

Fraunhofer Development a German Engineering firm has developed a new app ‘HawkSpex’ that can directly look inside objects and display specific constituents.

The HawkSpex app uses the front camera on the smartphone to perform the action. The regular scan methods can be costly and interfere with the smart phone’s design.

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According to Prof. Udo Seiffert, Expert Group Manager at the Fraunhofer IFF, users don’t need anything to scan other than the camera already integrated with their smartphone.

Here the app uses the phone’s display, which successively illuminates the object with a series of different colors for fractions of a second. If the camera display illuminates the red light, the object can only display a red light.

Intelligent analysis algorithms within the app help to compensate limited computing performance as well as the limited performance of the camera and display in the smartphone.

The app will have high commercial potential which includes analysis of quality control of foods, the effectiveness of cosmetic products etc.

The first version of the app would be released for users by the end of 2017 after verification of the measurements.




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