Top 17 Best Apps For Teachers and Educators

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Top 17 Best Apps For Teachers and Educators

Using Smartphones in the class will no longer be considered as an punishable offence. Thankfully, smartphone technology has evolved enough to approve the use of phones and tablets in the classroom to turn the boring lecture into an exciting learning system by means of educational mobile apps for teachers as well as students.

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From expanding the horizon of learning environment to creating lessons, preparing lecture subjects and enhancing student engagement, the learning-oriented mobile apps can help maintain learning even outside the classrooms.

By having a right set of teaching software, teachers and educators can streamline their activities like keeping attendance, recording behavior, engaging students inside and outside the classroom with effective communication with mobile apps.

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We have compiled a list of top 15 best apps for teachers and educators to enhance digitally interactive learning.

1. Kahoot

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This app can turn a boring class into a fun one as this app is used by the teachers to motivate the students by turning the classroom into a playground.

The Get Kahoot website makes learning fun as the teachers can prepare some questions and answers and the app transforms them into playable game with the help of a web browser.

For starting the game, the students have to download the Kahoot app and this can be used as a buzzer for answering the questions designed by the teacher.

Available : Android, iOS

2. Google Classroom

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This is another app version of the G Suite for education which is generally used by the school for the purpose of distributing and grading the assignments of the students.

This Classroom app is used by the teachers for storing the class materials in G drive so that the students can have an easy access to the materials in case of urgent requirements. The teachers also use this app for making certain announcements and debates.

Available : Android, iOS

3. Teach Learn Lead

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This is basically a social media site like Facebook for teachers where the teachers from various schools meet and interact. The teachers who share a common subject can discuss the different issues related to the subject and they can learn how to make lesson plan from experienced teachers.

The app is used for the creation of polls where the teachers learn from one another and also indulges in fun discussion about their students.

Available : Android, iOS

4. Seesaw

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This is basically a student portfolio app where the parents can see the progress and achievement of the students. The students can store their finest works in the app so that the parents can check the improvement of their kids.

On the other hand, this app is also used by the teachers to store the yearly weaknesses and strengths of the students so that they can present it to the parents during the annual parent-teacher meetings.

Available : Android, iOS

5. Slack

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Learning should not stop outside the classroom. This messaging tool app is used by the college students and the professors to stay in touch with one another after the school hours.

Also, the app is used by the teachers for the purpose of hosting the text- based office hours on the app platform and are also used for sending reminders to the students in case of emergency.

Available : Android, iOS

6. Remind

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This app is used by the teachers for the purpose of communicating with the parents and students outside of the classroom. This app can be used for making group chats, class announcements and for contacting an individual privately.

There are options of more than 70 languages and therefore the app can translate the languages of the teachers to the non native English speaking parents.

Available : Android, iOS

7. Additio

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It is better to keep the class grades, notes and attendance in an app rather than in any random piece of paper.

This app acts as a digital classroom and gradebook management app where the teachers are allowed to take records of the attendance, plan the timetable and calculate the grades of the students in their smart phones and tablets.

The teachers can also opt for the $ 8 per month Plus edition of Additio for getting the additional features like note keeping and performance analytics.

Available : Android, iOS

8. Classtree

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With the help of this app the teachers can get the parental consent forms of the fieldtrip from the parents in a paperless and painless process.

This Classtree app allows the teachers to attach a consent form so that the parents can e-sign the form for allowing the students to go to the field trip.

With this app, the teachers can view who has seen the consent form and who hasn’t signed the form.

Available : Android, iOS

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9. Doceri

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This Doceri app has the ability to turn the tablets and smart phones into portable whiteboards by taking the advantage of the portability and touchscreen of the iPad.

This app helps with the explanation process of the materials that are on screen and this makes the teaching lesson more interactive.

With the help of this app, the teachers do not have to handwrite the complicated diagrams and equations as they can simply post the materials online from their iPad.

Available : Windows, ipad

10. Ted

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Thousands of teachers trust and use TED tools for its ability to truly innovate the education system and enrich student engagements with intriguing lecture sessions delivered by leading subject matter experts.

It acts an outstanding resource for teachers and enables unique presentation techniques, covering a wide range of interesting topics.

With its effective online debates and creative lesson plans, Ted perfectly accompanies teachers by making the classroom discussion interactive and knowledge-rich experience.

Available : Android, iOS

11. Evernote

Evernote is indispensable notetaking app that helps teachers eliminate printed handoutsfor outside-the-classroom learning. You can share projects and assignments with students using shared notebooks.

Parents can view completed assignments on its website, too. Since shared assignments stay online, Evernote establishes a sense of transparency between students, teachers and parents.

Available : Android, iOS

12. Epic Unlimited Books for Kids

This app is a great relief for the elementary teachers as they do not have to spend money for buying new books for the students.

With the help of this app, the teachers in Canada and America gets unlimited free access to more than 15000 books which ranges from Animal Planet to Horror stories. It also has an Educator’s version that includes videos and lesson ideas for the students.

Available : Android, iOS

13. ClassDojo

This app allows the teacher to provide positive feedback about their students by giving comments such as “participating” or “working hard”.

It also helps to send private and public messages to the parents regarding the progress of the children and the parents can view the feedback of their children. This app saves the trouble of school newsletter.

Available : Android, iOS

14. Dropbox

This application is terrific in nature as this allows the teachers to upload the presentation photos, videos, assignments and the students can have an easy access to the materials in the classroom or at their homes.

With the help of this app, the teachers can edit as well as create Microsoft Office files in their smart phones and the file links can be shared with the students without flooding their inbox with massive files.

Available : Android, iOS

15. Pocket

This app allows the teachers to take their lectures outside of the classroom by saving web contents, videos and articles related to their lecture subjects.

With the help of this app, the teachers can view any material that is saved offline and it presents a layout that improves the reading experience of the students. Therefore, the teachers can share the complicated topics with the students.

Available : Android, iOS

16. Edmodo

With the help of this app, the students and teacher can share valuable information about contents after the school hours.

This app also helps with the sharing of new information along with receiving grades and submitting assignments. The teachers can share invaluable information with these apps and this can be in the form of message, quizzes, polls, assignments, calendars and resources.

Available : Android, iOS

17. Educreations

This is a whiteboard app which is interactive in nature and is mainly used by the teachers for providing students with easy to follow tutorials.

The teachers can record audio of any type using these apps as well as create animations, commentary, diagrams and instructions with supportive audio for helping the students with their assignments.

This app also allows the teachers to share videos with the students with the help of Twitter, Facebook and email.

Available : iPad

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As we forge ahead in the era of technology, we can see how the next generation of young demographics interact with the digital resources to make their life better and easier.

There is no denial that mobile apps are the future and add power to tomorrow’s economic and social culture.

These top 17 mobile apps surely follow a quantum leap in existing educational system and help teachers and educators revolutionize their methods of engaging with students.



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