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With the easy availability of smartphones and affordable mobile data, consumers are increasingly expecting businesses to have a mobile app for their marketplace. It has come to a stage where it’s more of a necessity than a luxury.

Building Marketplace App Helps In

We Can Help You To Create Apps for

Service Marketplaces

Product Marketplaces



Easy to manage backend, integrated with the web version of your marketplace

Customized Design

Tailor the mobile app and web app according to your specific requirements and with user experience as top priority.

Secure Payment Gateway Integration

Provide hassle-free payment services that authorize payment processing securely and provide flexible payment options.

Cart Development Services

Easy cart development services for hassle free usage

Maintenance & Support

Get support and maintenance of your app on a timely manner whenever the need arises.

Want to know your App’s development cost?

How much will it cost to create a marketplace app?

We offer you the total estimated cost in advance, considering all your requirements.

“The pre-calculated cost is not the final cost as it can vary depending on your changes in requisites”

Explore various factors like :



This a service marketplace app which lets you search for any sort of services on the go based on time and area.

123 CLIC

This app lets you manage all your appointments, find the professional you are looking for, check their availability and make appointments online.


This marketplace app is based on education industry.


This is a market place app for vehicle product like tyres tubes and other thing and also provides details on insurance and road side assistance.

Platforms We Integrate With





Product Marketplaces

Hire Mobile App Developer

Our dedicated mobile app developers can take care of all your development needs and deliver mobile applications that help you scale up your business and improve your ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Single vendor or Multi-vendor?

Both e-marketplace have its own advantages. A single vendor includes a single seller who sells products to multiple customers and a multi-vendor is the one having numerous sellers selling their product on the marketplace which is owned by an admin. According to your project need, you can choose any one of these.

2. Service or product?

We provide both. It’s you who should decide which suits the best for your needs.

3. Do I get an admin to manage service provider?

Yes, admin support is given to our clients to manage services.

4. How much is the timeline taken to an e-marketplace app?

A clear set timeline can be only be decided after the entire project is mapped out from start to the finish including functions, design architecture, development etc.

5. Which platform do you use? Native or Cross-platform?

We use both platforms, but the choice depends on client demands and other factors like the main aim of the app, features, target, budget etc. Native apps work well with a device’s built-in features and are coded with a specific programming language. Cross-platform app development refers to development in multiple platforms which gives you an opportunity to enter a market niche and get real user feedback.

App Maintenance

APP Launched Successfully… But Does It Still Require Regular Follow-ups? Redbytes Can Help You…

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