What makes Testbytes the

best option in assuring quality

Testbytes Test Structure

Step - 1

Identify and Plan

OS versions Screen size, number, and resolution Browser versions Network

Step - 2

Environment Creation and Management

Build a custom environment based on the software

Step - 3

Test Execution and Documentation

Execute the test with the environment

Step - 4


Create a detailed bug report and share it with the clients, Once fixed, go for re-testing

Types of testing that we usually perform on apps

Installation Testing

Manual Testing

Localization Testing

Beta Testing

Game Testing

Test Automation

Security Testing

Functional Testing

Usability Testing

Performance Testing

Compatibility Testing

Automation the process that

saves time, a lot of time!

App to market time is reducing day by day. So to keep up, QA also have to be fast and as effective as possible.

Test automation is the key!

Testbytes test architecture

How does the association help Redbytes

in delivering the best to our clients


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