“More than just software, get a complete learning solution”

Build the perfect education solution for your training needs.

Provide training to your workforce or students with high quality LMS (Learning Management System) delivering a massive amount of content in an organized manner.

LMS Market is expected to grow worth of USD +15 Billion and at a CAGR of +24% over the forecast period 2019-2025.

Types of Learning Management Systems

Cloud-based LMS/Hosted LMS

With this model, thevendor hosts all programs, apps & data on their server where no installation is required, and all updates are automatic.

Installed LMS

In this case, the customer purchases a license, installs and maintains the LMS on their own server.

Open Source LMS

In this type of LMS, the source code is open & free for anyone to use and adapt according to their specifications.

Custom-built LMS

This is a custom-made LMS system, built by a team of developers employed or contracted by an organization.

Our Development Process:

Our Development Process:

Want to know your App’s development cost?

Ready to convert your idea into an education app like Byju’s?

Ready to convert your idea into an education app like Byju’s?
Explore various factors like :

Best Learning Management Systems Available


A cloud-powered LMS for any business that wants to manage employee training.


A cloud-powered LMS for any business that wants to manage employee training.


Companies seeking a variety of high-quality e-learning courses in addition to an LMS, to train employees across a broad range of subjects


The most-widely used LMS by all type of organizations as it’s user-friendly, highly-configurable, and feature rich.

Want to Customize LMS that Fits your Learning Goals?

Whether be it a college, university, enterprise, small business or cooperates, Redbytes can configure and build your customized LMS that works exactly how you want it to.

LMS Consultation

Get the perfect expertise that you need to achieve your goal in a cost-effective way

LMS Designing

Make the right impact with our customizable themes that reflect your brand

LMS Implementation

When it comes to LMS implementation our expert team makes the whole process seamless

LMS Training

We create a range of training options for every skill level and is delivered by experts either online or on-site

LMS eCommerce

Our all-in-one solution helps you scale faster and sell easily which can therefore boost your profit.

LMS Support

We’ve got your back 24/7. We assure our clients with all the support that you need post software launch.

Our Learning Solution Fits Every Industry

We enable you to successfully deliver your industry-specific training programs on mobile




Transportation & Logistics




Why Choose Our Mobile Learning Solution?

How much will it cost to create an education app?

We offer you the total estimated cost in advance, considering all your requirements.

“The pre-calculated cost is not the final cost as it can vary depending on your changes in requisites”

Explore various factors like :

Hire Mobile App Developer

Our dedicated mobile app developers can take care of all your development needs and deliver mobile applications that help you scale up your business and improve your ROI.

Education App Industry Insights & Competitor Analysis

Explore our comprehensive list of the best educational apps, all in one place for teachers, parents and studentss.
Educational apps are turning out to be beneficial for Students and Teachers in the current scenario. There are several benefits of learning app development, including knowledge enhancement, personalized learning experiences, improved interaction, accessibility to online study material, ease of communication, and most importantly, providing remote access.
Educational apps can help to bridge the gap between teachers, students, and even parents and make learning more engaging.
You can find all education-related apps at one place at our comprehensive collection of extensively researched educational apps for teachers, students, and parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we have a preview of the LMS before we buy it?

Absolutely! We highly recommend our clients to share their needs and perform a free demonstration with our team so you can understand and navigate the system as a user as well as an administrator.

2. How much does it cost?

Each business is unique in its work mode, operations, budget, etc. As such, Redbytes suggest custom quotes to those with unique needs.

Pricing may vary according to factors like:

  • Number of learners accessing the system
  • Training for internal employees or extended enterprise or both
  • Integration of LMS with other systems
  • Need for data migration services
  • Custom course development needs

3. Does LMS support multilingual interface?

Yes, LMS can support multilingual UI with an option to switch from one language to another.

4. Is it secure?

Yes, it is. All client data is transferred over a secure and encrypted channel.

5. Is an LMS necessary for my organization?

If you are looking to build any form of training and knowledge sharing system, then LMS is exactly what you need. This valuable solution can be used in companies, schools, colleges, other academic departments, cooperates, government centres, and even help you in e-Commerce needs of any size.

App Maintenance

APP Launched Successfully… But Does It Still Require Regular Follow-ups? Redbytes Can Help You…

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