Why develop a tracking & delivery app for your business?

If your business involves any kind of transportation, a tracking & delivery app can help you to optimise your business for better ROI by providing new avenues of immensely useful information any time you need it. Adding the feature of tracking also allows you to provide users with more contextual experiences, increased marketability and accessibility for businesses.

Advantages of Tracking & Delivery apps

App Development Features

Ready to convert your idea into a tracking & delivery App app like Swiggy?


The feature of monitoring is attached to apps to display real-time functions like object status, object location, real time navigation and route calculation

Cashless System

This is an online payment system that can be implemented in tracking & delivery apps with unique modes of payments

Instant Notifications

Every action happening within the app is notified through this feature so that the user stay alert for every situation

GPS accuracy

This feature indicates the GPS accuracy and also informs whether the phone has GPS connection or not.

Face Recognition Feature

Using this feature, attendance marking can be made by facial recognition of the individual

Support Maps

Tracking & Delivery apps support enhanced operations with the help incorporating Google maps, openstreet Maps, hybrid maps etc. with the addition of geo-location.

Want to know your App’s development cost?

Ready to convert your idea into an education app like Byju’s?

Know about the most important aspects of creating such apps & build your amazing tracking & delivery app

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Technologies We Use

Industries We Serve

Redbytes offers tracking & delivery app services for the following type of solutions:

How much will it cost to create tracking & delivery app?

We offer you the total estimated cost in advance, considering all your requirements. “The pre-calculated cost is not the final cost as it can vary depending on your changes in requisites”
Explore various factors like :

Food Delivery App Industry Insights & Competitor Analysis

People love to eat what they crave for from their favorite cuisine in minutes now. Food delivery apps give users access to many delicious restaurants near them & order their meals effortlessly.

Such food delivery apps tie-up with hundreds of popular restaurants & focusing on timely deliveries. Apps like Swiggy, Zomato, etc have made people engage in customized & quick food ordering with fewer clicks.

The pandemic has resulted in contact-less delivery where you won’t have to stand on doorsteps waiting for your food. This e-book is an A-Z guide about on-demand food delivery services.You can explore major food delivery apps,their supreme features, monetization strategies & more.

Ready-made app solutions

We offer ready-made app solutions for the following categories. These include a proper structure and user flow. If you want to add more features, Redbytes is ready to include them effortlessly.

Food Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Medicine Delivery

Full Suite with Customer App, Delivery App, Vendor App and Admin Panel

Full suite with customer app,delivery app and Admin panel.

Full suite with customer app,Medicinal Service provider panel and Admin Panel.

Hire Mobile App Developer

Our dedicated mobile app developers can take care of all your development needs and deliver mobile applications that help you scale up your business and improve your ROI.

Tracking App Portfolio

Parent App

This app focuses on making school transport system more safe, productive and parent-friendly.


An attendance tracking system to track staff attendance and their whereabouts in a simple and convenient way.


This app is meant for safe transportation of school going students that help to bridge the communication gap between parents, tutors and private cab owners.

Eye in Sky

A tracking development software that focuses on instant and location based tracking on smart phones and also serves as a Women safety app to provide emergency help calls.

Transport Manager App

A comprehensive tracking app solution to enhance the safety of school students, and help school bus fleet managers to generate a safe and smarter transportation.

Redbytes Advantage

If you are looking for a technology partner to create tracking for real-time updates, then Redbytes can be the perfect destination!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Hybrid or Native? Which is good for tracking delivery app?

Native is preferred for such apps considering the features like live tracking with the Google map.

2. Can I see real time location or status on map?

Yes, the app lets you share the real-time location or status.

3. How much approximate time is required to complete such an app?

You can choose the time frame for the project completion. In general, the time required to build an app might range from weeks to months depending on app functions and complexity.

4. Do you need to use any hardware to track vehicle?

There is no need of any additional hardware since, mobile device itself can be used for real-time location tracking.

App Maintenance

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