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LegoLife: A Safe Social Network for Children to Share their Creations

LegoLife: A Safe Social Network for Children to Share their Creations

Lego has just launched a new social network called ‘LegoLife’ for children under 13 to design and share their creations.

The company behind the iconic bricks has launched this to let kids connect with a community of their peers. It allows children to look at what others have created and also share what they’ve built.

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The network has features same as in Instagram, including a news feed, profiles, sharing pictures etc. But it has certain restrictions like the ban on real-life photos and free-form commenting.

Sign-up to the network should be approved by parents through email verification. Silly-three name mixes like ‘ElderPowerfulBelt’ or ‘ChairmanWilyDolphin’ are generated for kids as their username.

The created images are well examined by Lego to confirm that it is Lego-related and not human related. Also, kids can follow their favorite topics, groups including superhero’s related to Lego characters.

Mini Lego avatars can also be created which move as you create them and also has plenty of accessories. The app is made for iOS, tablets and Amazon Kindle Fire versions available in the UK, US, France, and Germany.

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