13 Best Money Transfer Apps For Android and iOS

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13 Best Money Transfer Apps For Android and iOS

Imagine yourself having a dinner with your date or standing at a Starbucks shop wanting to have a quick cup of cappuccino, but at the end that you are deprived of hard cash at the very moment. We all want to make things easier especially when it comes saving a great date or evading an excruciating experience at a store.

Gone are the days when credit card used to salvage your social reputation. Digital money has grown to be as real as tangible dimes and rolls. In today’s world ameliorated with sophisticated smart phone technology, mobile apps could be quite a savior.

Thankfully, we have plenty of options to choose from for sending money to anyone using nothing else than your small pocket-dwelling device.

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Here is the list of most widely recognized international money transfer apps for iOS and Android used across various countries.

1. Venmo

Venmo is a miraculous app that has become so popular that, like Google, Venmo is also casually treated as verb. You can easily send and receive money to and from your friends and family without any hassle.

The most amazing part about using Venmo is that it costs you nothing for processing payments through Venmo account, debit cards or bank account. For credit cards, it charges tiny 3 percent fees. Venmo is boastful about facilitating a bank-alike security system to protect users from data-related theft and seamy hackers.

Download : Android, iOS

2. Apple Pay cash

Apple Pay cash is a great solution to money transfer.. With iOS 11.2, Apple exceeds user expectations by allowing users to send money to their contacts directly using iMessage.

Luckily, iPhone users don’t need to install any third-party app for money transfer if the receiver also has the same device.

All you need is just to tap A symbol near camera icon in the iMessage and select the amount to pay. It is that simple. It is also compatible with Apple watch and you can involve Siri as well to send cash for you.

Download : iOS

3. Google pay send

Google Pay send also makes a brilliant and seamless money transfer app which works conveniently  on your phone. Users can leverage the app in U.S. or U.K. to send or request money with your friends.

To access the app and use its features, users need to authenticate the identity using fingerprint. The app comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface made with commendable minimalism. The gem is that it transfers the money instantly to your bank account.

Download : Android, iOS

4. Facebook messenger

Facebook has also implemented a feature in its greatly used Messenger chat app using which any individual in U.S can send money. While having conversation with a person, you can simply tap the dollar ($) sign situated right beside the options for sharing photos/stickers.

If you are unable to directly eye it, you can even tap the ellipsis on the right-hand side to open a list of more options. After setting up your account with debit or credit card, you need to type the amount you want to send and simply tap pay in the top-right corner. That’s it!

Download : Android, iOS

5. PayPal

Long before Venmo, Google and Apple wallets, there was PayPal wallowing in the fame of being one of the oldest money transfer applications available on Earth. PayPal is also convenient option for receiving and sending funds to your people.

Though the process does take some time, PayPal has also enabled users it to pay for s initiated at various ecommerce stores and commercial establishments.

Download : Android, iOS

6. Square Cash

Square Cash is even simpler money transfer app evolving around the idea of sharing fund by adding an easy link to your debit card. The facility allows users to send, receive or request money from your folks in no time. What is delightful to experience is how money gets deposited into your bank account swiftly as soon as the transaction is completed.

Download : Android, iOS

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7. Azimo

If you are one of those looking to share and receive money on the go, consider Azimo for your iOS and Android mobile device. Smart and mature, Azimo scans your cards entered toadd new payment methods and lets you keep updated of your transaction with push notifications.

For identification and authentication, the app relies on your Touch, or alternatively, Pin number so that data security is ensured. It also finds recipients and adds new ones through syncing with your local phone contacts.

Download : Android, iOS

8. Snapcash via Snapchat

Snapcash works superbly following a partnership with Square Cash. Introduced by Snapchat, the app gives users the unique ability to easily send money to any person aged 18 and older.

Users need to enter the dollar ($) sign and a numeric value to initiate the transaction, and then Snapchat does the job of sending money directly from your debit card or bank account to the respective recipient.

Download : Android, iOS

9. TransferWise

TransferWise has received fascinating reviews and positive ratings for being one of the beloved money transfer app for iOS and Android users. You can view all your recipients gathered in one place and execute money transfer process like done in the recent past.

Offering tremendous convenience, TransferWise allows users to conduct repeat transfers such as, for instance, regular bill payments or mobile recharge.

Download : Android, iOS

10. Western Union

Western Union mobile apps allow you to estimate money transfer fees when initiating the transaction and also track the status as to whether money has been collected. What makes the app special is that it also lets you to use your phone camera to scan your debit or credit card quickly so that you can add a new payment method.

Moreover, it also has geo-location system that helps find nearest Western Union agent and know opening hours and directions.

Download : Android, iOS

11. Samsung Pay

With its Geo-availability only in USA, Samsung Pay has emerged to become a favorite money transfer app these days for iOS and Android devices. It keeps your credits cards, debit and bank cards stored and allows users to pay online or offline merchants quickly using its handy features.

It also facilitates a contact less payment system for users who possess Samsung device and supports 1000+ credit unions and bank accounts. Growing in popularity, Samsung pay also helps you find exciting deals nearby.

Download : Android

12. Payoneer

Available worldwide for iOS and Android, Payoneer is nowadays seen as a common digital cash wallet on many online stores. The compelling trait of Payoneer is its ability to allow users to withdraw into their Visa or MasterCard.

You can also receive business-grade payments from overseas, view your balance in as many as 20 currencies over 19 languages and view your account history. The simplicity of this app makes it easy and fast to learn its usage.

Download : Android, iOS

13. Dwolla

Geo-available in USA, Dwolla is an astonishing money transfer mobile app for iPhone and Android. Like other apps, it also stores your credit and debit cards and allows you to transfer money directly to businesses and individuals.

Businesses can merge Dwolla service into their app, which is one of the respectable features that make us land it on top money transfer apps list. It also connects apps into the US banking system. Since Dwolla can be integrated into an app and has other admirable features in place, the app takes certain fee for payments over $10.

Download : iOS

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Designed to deliver convenience, conceived with a thought of money transfer ease, these 13 best money transfer apps for Android and iOS are the best pick at the moment. We considered their availability, features and user responses while building this finest list.

Hopefully, you will be able to see one of these as your ultimate choice and download it on your device for smooth experience of sending, receiving and request money from your folks.



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