Top 10 FaceApp Alternatives

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Top 10 FaceApp Alternatives

Photo editing transformed itself after the development of Faceapp. Numerous apps were developed in competition to Faceapp. These alternatives when developed featured better photo editing capabilities than Faceapp.

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The technology advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality have helped enormously in the development of the apps. The apps allow the user to look old or young, look like their friends, check out fashion and styles all prior to the action actually happening.

Here are the top 10 alternatives for FaceApp that everyone should try.


This app is an alternative to Faceapp. This application is available only for Android. This app allows you to view yourself as an older or younger person.

Face Changer - faceapp alternatives

A photo of the self can be uploaded and select the age at which you would like to see yourself.

Fuzel - rating - faceapp alternatives

If a younger age is chosen you can see a younger version of yourself. You can also change the gender. Settings can be changed to add a smile, change emotions or even hairstyles.

Google Play



This app was developed in 2010.  The app answers the question of what you will look like when you age. This app is similar to an amazing aging machine that instantly ages face photos.

AgingBooth - faceapp alternatives

The advantage of this app is that it can be used without internet. The face can be transformed instantly. Face detection mechanism automatically chooses a face from the many photos and crops the photo.

AgingBooth - rating - faceapp alternatives

The photos can be shared on social media or sent through Email or MMS.

Google PlayApp Store



The Genies App helps in creating a customized digital look alike of the users. These digital identities can perform sentiments and keywords in reaction to what the user types in.

Genies - faceapp alternatives

Over 180 facets of mood changes and human expressions can be expressed by this app.

Genies - rating - faceapp alternatives

This app can be shared on any digital platform. It can be integrated with messaging apps like Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

Google PlayApp Store



This photo editing app lets the users take their portraits to a higher level. It allows users to edit selfies and photos to create stylish portraits instantly.

Portrait - faceapp alternatives

The app is equipped with unique filters to create double exposures by super-imposing selfies with photos.

Portrait - rating - faceapp alternatives

Other features can be added with dust overlays and color filters.  The app is available for iOS devices.

Google PlayApp Store



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This app, similar to the Faceapp, was ranked the 2nd best app in 2016. The app allows users to swap their face with their friends in real-time. The app swaps face in live from the camera’s video input.

Face Swap - faceapp alternatives

There is no requirement for snapped photos. The user can swap his face with any face including that of stars, celebrities, statues, cartoon characters etc.

Face Swap - rating - faceapp alternatives

The 3D filters and photos present in the app permit the user to edit the photos professionally. The app has a costume filter which allows users to pick beards, hats, glasses etc to make the photo look hilarious.

Google PlayApp Store



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This is a photo editing app based in China. The application has brilliant filters which beautify the photo instantly. The body features can be customized and eyes enlarged.

Meitu - faceapp alternatives

Meitu app has patented the M-face recognition technology. The M face studies each detail of the face for precise enhancement. When a picture is taken through this app, the AI technology detects the facial features, adds stickers or creates a hand-drawn effect to the face.

Meitu - rating - faceapp alternatives

The app has a cloud service which enables saving a huge quantity of data in real-time.

Google PlayApp Store



This is a photo editor app cuts and pastes faces in photos. The app is capable of extracting a face from an image and adding that face to inanimate objects.

Cupace - faceapp alternatives

The user can swap faces or can create funny photos or memes. In-built stickers, emojis or text can be added on to the photos.

Portrait - rating - faceapp alternatives

The app allows magnification of the user image so that the face cut-out is accurate. The same photo can be reused and pasted on multiple images.

Google Play



This alternative to Faceapp transforms faces into masks and effects. It is used as a face swap app and can record video animations. The photos and videos can be shared via social networks or messaging services.

MSQRD - faceapp alternatives

The mathematical algorithms are highly effective in achieving excellent results. The app can transform the appearance of the user instantly with live filters like a panda or astronaut.

MSQRD - rating - faceapp alternatives

The augmented reality technology makes it possible to use subtle filters for making a beard on a face etc.

Google Play



This app was developed in 2014 by software engineers in Ukraine. This app is specifically designed for tattoo lovers. The user can take a snap of the intended tattoo and see how it looks on him before it is actually inked in.

Inkhunter - faceapp alternatives

This Faceapp alternative has a gallery of sketches and photos. The user can upload his designs to see how they will look when done.

Inkhunter - rating - faceapp alternatives

The advanced photo editor can make the tattoo seem real and portray the tattoo in different angles on any part of the body.

Google PlayApp Store



This app is a photo editor and is all about a beauty makeover. It is a digital makeup app that lets one create a personalized virtual appearance using the multitude of beauty and cosmetic products available.

YouCam - faceapp alternatives

The app has a variety of options of foundation creams, blush, lip color, eyeliners; eye shadow that you can choose from.The various filters can enhance the photo to your requirement.

Inkhunter - rating - faceapp alternatives

The app helps in checking out virtually the different styles, to find the one that suits your personality, before you actually do the makeover in real.

Google PlayApp Store



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The alternatives to Faceapp are many. The photo editing apps have undergone a sea change after the development of Faceapp. The algorithms and technology have enabled the apps to transform a user’s face.

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The photo editing tools allows editing of images within seconds and with a few clicks.  Using artificial intelligence, the app edits each part of the picture with amazing results.

These FaceApp alternatives are an open ground for unlimited creativity. The ease of use of the app and the stunning features it creates are amazing.



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