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How Good is Xamarin for Android App Development?

How Good is Xamarin for Android App Development?

Xamarin is a cross-platform development software that makes the creation of mobile applications a breeze. Given the growing patronage of mobile-only strategies by big and small enterprises, it was long before that desktops were replaced by mobiles through innovative and convenient mobile apps. A host of Xamarin app development services can be availed by you after signing up with a xamarin mobile app development company.

All set to enable mobile app developers to come up with user-friendly Android apps, let us look at the positives of xamarin application development.

1. The Dire Need for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

In the past, mobile app development focused on churning out apps that were compatible with the three popular platforms including Windows, iOS and Android. However, this situation posed a problem to enterprises looking to develop their indigenous mobile apps.

Business fell short of addressing issues concerning budgeting and operations through their native mobile apps. It was not the “one app fits all” case. Since their native apps had to look into various specifications that came with different platforms, it was not easy to develop an omnipotent mobile app.

As a ray of hope, emerged the concept of cross-platform mobile app development supported by Xamarin. That means, a Xamarin app can work seamlessly across various platforms, allowing developers to churn out cost-effective apps whose code can be reused to come up with Android apps.

2. Enjoy The Real Experience of a Native App

With Xamarin as your chosen mobile app development software, you will be in a favorable position to offer similar functionalities to apps developed on various platforms. For instance, an Android app presents a unique user experience when compared to an iOS app, although both of them meet the same objective. Through Xamarin, you can conveniently build apps with a single code that effectively blends with different platforms. Through this cross-platform software, you can enable the end users to enjoy the real experience of a native app.

3. Financial Viability

It is indeed a futile attempt to write multiple codes for native apps so that they can work on various platforms. This is not only a time-consuming exercise but also puts a big hole in the pockets of a mobile app development company. However, with Xamarin, you can bring down the cost of building Android apps that will work their best on other platforms and brands as well.

That means, Xamarin helps you to reuse the same code that will deliver the same results across multiple functions and platforms. Guaranteeing you a performance-centric Android app, Xamarin helps companies keep their mobile developments costs to the bare minimum.

4. The Inclusion of The Advantages of C#

Xamarin, the cross-platform mobile app development software employs C# as its coding language. C#, identified as a modern and simple object-oriented programming language comes a host of benefits including: flexibility and ease of learning. It is also an all-in-one utility with which you can build Android apps which are pure and type-safe. When you use Xamarin to build Android apps, you will be at the receiving end of all the benefits of Microsoft’s C#.

5. A Provision to Tap Into the Expanding Knowledge Pool

Given the ever-increasing patronage of C#, you as a mobile app development company need not sweat over identifying niche coding talent. You can make the most of C# which has, since its introduction gained recognition as an easy to learn language.

C# developers who exhibit a certain level of learnability will be able to put their skills and knowledge to the best use. They will be able to come up with some extraordinary Android apps that will attract the attention of several end users.

So, if you are looking to develop a cost-effective Android app, you can simply rely on Xamarin.

6. Enjoy Native API Access

Having picked up Xamarin as your mobile app development software, you will be in a position to come up with an Android app that will enable developers to access the native APIs in iOS and other platforms.

When you have a complete access to the APIs, you will be able to save a great deal of effort and time, so that you can launch your Android app quickly into the market. This feature lends a helping hand to all those who are looking to build various apps so that they can support multiple brands launched on different platforms.

7. The Best Advantage of “Write Once, Run Everywhere”

In today’s times, you will find everyone looking for apps that work on a single code which is compatible on multiple platforms. Enterprises are constantly on the lookout for Android apps which promise a single codebase coupled with a superior user interface and native performance.

Xamarin Forms is a platform that enables you to live the dream of “Write Once, Run Everywhere”. With Xamarin Forms, you will be able to share all the apps across multiple operating systems including Android, iOS and UWP (Phone 10 and Windows 10).

Key Takeaways

The markets are flooded with umpteen choices of software to build mobile apps for various brands and purposes. However, the key here is to make the right choice so that you come up with an Android app that is high on end-user experience, cost-efficiency and productivity. In view of these two prime requirements, Xamarin can become your top choice that virtually shortens the learning curve.

Sign up with a xamarin mobile app development company so that you can derive the best of xamarin app development services that will come to you as part of the numerous benefits of xamarin application development. This way, your Android app powered by Xamarin will be able to speak for itself, demonstrating superior user-interface coupled with a classic user experience that every mobile end user looks forward to.

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