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Top Emerging Trends in Mobile App Development

Top Emerging Trends in Mobile App Development

The mobile industry has metamorphosed from the first DynaTAC prototype model to wearable devices and has become part of Internet of Things (IoT) through the last four decades. It is now an integral part of our lives, on account of its usability and affordability. With the mobile app industry evolving at such a fast pace, it is an absolute requirement for a mobile app development company to keep track of the emerging trends in the industry.

User experience comes first: With large-scale competition and increasing number of smartphone users, it becomes imperative that a mobile app should be embedded with features that promote better user experience for its success. Leading mobile app development companies are continuously striving to provide our customers with unequalled user experience from all our apps.

App security: Implementing app security has called for more focus these days. A lot of sensitive information is handled during each transaction. Hackers continuously try to exploit this data. An app that promises high-end security is always a boon to your business goals.

Cloud driven development: The benefits of using the cloud technology in your mobile app development is that the apps can be accessed on multiple mobile devices with same features and functions from anywhere.

Wearable devices: There is no doubt that wearable technology promises to be the future in electronic fashion wears and tech wears and it is certain to hit the billion dollar industry in a big way. Wearable devices are supposed to be taken up by leading enterprises to improve their productivity and efficiency in 2016.

Internet of Things (IoT): Multiple devices are being used by all of us these days. There is a lot of scope in developing mobile applications that can control various electronic devices that we use in our everyday lives. IoT has already influenced healthcare, marketing and business industries. There are a lot of smart home appliances available in the market already.

In- App advertising and purchasing: The paid app download model of monetization is making way to a more practicable solution, i.e. in-app advertising. In-app advertising and purchasing are today’s feasible source for making revenue.

App analytics: Tracing your app’s performance is really crucial in all sectors, because the data is a major deciding factor for streamlining your apps. This data represents customer engagement and success of your app.

Location based apps: It’s happy times for businesses based on location apps, because they are growing fast. There are more and more apps being developed for businesses such as restaurants, real estate, home décors, sales of used products etc.

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Location based Wi-Fi services: As data plans are becoming costlier, the prime focus for networking locally is now on Wi-Fi services. Apple has already lead the way by introducing their customers to Beacon technology. Android will follow Apple in the coming years. The advantage is that the businesses could know where there customers are concentrated and provide them with more specific content.

Mobile gaming: Beginning from 2014, the mobile game industry has been gradually shifting from developing single player games to multiplayer games. Another trend developing within mobile gaming is social media integration and cloud driven games.

Enterprise apps are growing: It is predicted that all major enterprises will be developing own apps in 2016, to boost their efficiency and performance. The demands for enterprise apps are currently huge.

Emergence of hybrid apps: Hybrid apps have successfully completed the experimental phase and are now widely being adopted. It combines both the elements of native and web apps. There will be contents that are accessible only locally as well as that are shared online.

M-commerce and Mobile payments: M-commerce and mobile payments are taken up by many users as this has given them the advantage of shopping at their convenience. Consumers can browse, and pay for their goods, all from their mobile without the need of a credit/debit card.

A mobile app development company should be keen in incorporating these trends in their development process, in order to be successful.

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