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Top Apps For Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

Top Apps For Ganesh Chaturthi Festival

With Ganesh Chaturthi around the corner, the celebrations, happiness, festiveness, fervor, and excitement one can see during this festival in India is unmatched with any other celebrations. People from all walks of the country come together, stay with their family and friends to dedicate themselves to Lord Ganesha, the god of art, science and also known as the deva of wisdom.

Even though the festival is celebrated across the country, its mainly celebrated in the parts of Maharashtra, UP, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka for as long as one week to 10 days. But now things have changed, as technology has taken over, almost every process in the day to day life, the same has happened to festivals in India also.

Although the importance of festivals is still not gone, with the advent of technology things have changed and now people celebrating Ganesh Utsav all over India has definitely metamorphosed the high tech applications.

With revolutionized tech mantras, Ganesh Chaturthi is now celebrated at ease with just a click away with user’s fingertips on their smartphone. From live wallpapers to ringtones, Ganesha games, we have apps to Ganesha idols, to book pandit, pandals and all necessary pooja materials online in the form of mobile applications.

Many e-commerce sites like Amazon, Snapdeal and Flipkart etc. have dedicated offers for their customers during this season and sell all items related to the festival.

Now, we are here with this amazing list of Apps for Ganesh Chaturthi Festival. Let’s start

1) Find Panditji

In today’s world, the Internet is the bare necessity for everyone and as the name indicated, this app focuses on helping people across India to find Pandits online through the application and contact them easily.

Download : Android

2) Book A Pandit

This mobile app serves to be your exact and customized partner for all religious needs during Ganesh Utsav. Right from Pandit to pooja samagri anything and everything you get within this app at reasonable prices and hassle-free service.

This service is not just applicable during festivals but can be also used by people during functions like Naming Ceremony, Mundan Ceremony, Birthday Ceremony, Satyanarayana Puja, Griha Pravesh, New Business Puja, Marriage Ceremony, Laxmi,

Engagement Ceremony, Ganesha & Durga Puja, Mata Ki Chowki & Jaagran, Maha Mritunjya Jap, Havans, Shraadh Puja, Etc.

3) Chhota Ganesh Battle – GANESHA

chotta ganesh

This is a fun game for kids where you can play with Ganesha as he takes on the roads of haven on his mouse to destroy demons those attack heaven.

The games starts over as the demons start attacking heaven and Lord Shiva decides to send Ganesha for the battle and designs a special power gun to destroy them. Further, the game continues as Ganesha accepts the mission and starts his battle by destroying all the demons who took over the heaven.

Download : Android

4) Find Ganesha

And that’s the perfect app for Ganesh Utsav which will show you all the important locations of Ganpati Mandal in Pune city along with correct live locations of dhol Tasha Pathak teams.

The app also has a fun feature called “moment of the day” where people can upload their favorite pictures and the top winning pictures will be featured on this app. It will also show food joints and also has an emergency section which includes details of Police stations, hospitals, fire brigade etc.

Download : Android

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5) Lalbaugcha Raja app

When it comes to Ganesh Chaturthi, no one can beat the way Mumbaikars celebrate the festival. Out of the lakh of Ganpati Pandals set up across the city, Lalbaugcha Raja is the oldest and around 1.5 lakh devotees visit the pandal during this festive season daily.

To cater to the needs of the devotees, the organizers have gone a bit technical by introducing an app and a related website that features the live telecast of the poojas and pandal details.

Download : Android

6) Shree Ganesha

Through this mobile application, Shree Ganesha, they offer the most divine Ganesha mantras and songs that could, in turn, purify your mind and senses during this festive season.

Download : Android

7) Khetwadicha Ganraj

The first app launched by Ganeshotsav Mandal which has won The Times of India “Utsav Murti Sanman” Award for 5 consecutive years since 2008. The app includes features like live darshan for 10 days, watch Ganapati aartis, includes wallpapers, images, has an online donation facility and also has social awareness activities.

Download : Android

8) Ganesh Songs

An app with a beautiful collection of Ganesha songs, Aarti audios, Chalisa and also contains images and wallpapers. Users can also set the songs they listen to as current ringtones or an alarm by just clicking on the image.

Other features include smooth transitions, beautiful animations, and automatic song stop and cam continue music during a phone call as well.

Download : Android

9) Ganesh Chaturthi GIF

This app is specially designed for Ganapathi devotees who would love to decorate their phone with nice, realistic and beautiful animated background GIF. The app consists of a huge collection of Lord Ganesha GIF, which you can easily share with friends, family and relatives via the social media.

Top Apps For Ganesh Chaturthi Festival-ad banner

On this eve of Ganesha Chathurthi time period, festivals bridges with the world of technology to transform the way people celebrate. However, advance in mechanization is multi-functional and personalized in its own ways,  the pride, joy, togetherness, and emotions one feels for Lord Ganesha still remains untouched when they pray “Ganpathi Bappa Morya”.

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