The Advantages of Using Corona SDK for App Development

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The Advantages of Using Corona SDK for App Development

One of the first things you’ll notice when you visit the Corona website is the Corona SDK banner. That’s because Corona’s SDK is a special product that helps you to develop mobile applications 10 times speedier.

You can incorporate complex functionalities with only few lines of code. It also allows you to see progressions immediately by utilizing the Simulator.

Let us discuss in brief about the advantages of corona SDK:

1) Single code base

You are not required to hire various designers and use diverse development situations for every gadget in Corona. You make a solitary code base that functions admirably well with Android, iOS, Nook and kindle with platform specific conditions.

A solitary cross platform application is the end product. Corona SDK app also scales your content automatically across several devices.

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2) Importance on design

Corona has features to include interactivity and graphic content into your apps and games. While working with Corona, instead of feeling like a developer, you will feel like a designer as it has a huge range of designing options.

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3) Community

Corona gives you an opportunity for developers like you to join under the corona’s growing community of developers. It has a mutual code repository where developers can share their knowledge and code snippets.

It has 347 studios to help developers all over the world and there are third party tools with which you can redesign your app as well.

4) Quicker Monetization

Corona allows you to monetize easily and faster as it provides you integrated support for banner ads, apps s and a number of currencies.

5) Dominant APIs

Gaming APIs can be added easily to your app with only a few lines of human-friendly code. Even kids can create a chart with Corona as it is easy to use.

6) FPS

While comparing with other SDKs, Corona has a faster frame per second (FPS) making your application seem smooth and consistent with no slacking. It is the best platform for game development as it changes easily for several screen resolutions.

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7) Lua programming

Corona is based on this and it is one of the simplest programming languages to learn. It is cross-platform as it is written in ANSI C and has a relatively simple C API.

8) Rights to source code

Everything which you make with Corona is your own property written in Lua, despite the fact that the Corona game engine is a closed source. It gives you a chance to hold full rights to the Lua code that you used to develop your project.

Thus, with such advantages, Corona SDK is one of the best cross-platform game engines available.



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