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17 Best Astronomy Apps for Stargazing Activities in Android/iOS (2018)

stargazing apps

The study of celestial objects was long considered an expensive ordeal.  All those who were drawn to observing the skies closely as part of their favorite pass time ritual were left high and dry. However, with the unveiling of the latest technologies, the modern day star gazers have lots to cheer for.

You now have the luxury of downloading stargazing apps on to your Android or iOS powered devices and you are all covered. You can effortlessly witness and enjoy all the activities that are happening up in the blue sky with a simple tap on your mobile screen. What else do you want?

Simply download any one of these 17 apps to stay abreast with the heavenly activities that intrigue you in a number of ways.

1. Stars Chart

Topping the list of astronomy apps that is all set to make waves in 2018, Stars Chart is a stargazing app that is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. The very fact that it is patronized by 30 million stargazers across the globe speaks volumes about its efficiency. After you download this app on to any one of your phones, you simply need to point your device at the sky.

In a jiffy, the Stars Chart app names what you are observing up in the scintillating skies. To top it all, you will have all the real-time statistics concerning the current distance of every visible planet and star from the Earth.

Download : Android, iOS

2. Sky View

All set to excite the visual senses of ardent star gazers, Sky View is another noted astronomy app that is compatible with the iOS platform. You can download this app on to your iPod, iPhone or iPad to view constellations, stars and satellites, with a simple tap on the screen. This app employs the modern Augmented Reality (AR) system that helps you locate a number of cosmic objects, irrespective of whether it is day or night.

Through this app, you will be in a position to accumulate invaluable information about different stars and their constellations. To top it all, you can even get to know the names of the brightest stars that are visible to the naked eye.

Download : Android, iOS

3. Distant Suns

When Distant Suns, the Android or iOS compatible astronomy app is in your hands, you can take pride in the cosmic information concerning the 13,000 stars, their constellations, star clusters and the 8 planets. This app magically shows up more than 200 galaxies so that you can better understand the solar system and far-off galaxies.  Distance Suns will be your best friend to unveil the enigma of the night skies.

Download : Android, iOS

4. NASA App

If you are looking to lay hands on the latest happenings with NASA and its future space missions, you can bank upon the aptly named NASA app. This astronomy app which can be downloaded on to your Android or iPhone presents invaluable information about the latest developments in NASA along with a host of incredible and unseen space images that will thrill you beyond words.

Tagged as an informative and educational app that will excite astronomy students and space lovers, the NASA app in 2018 will present news extracts, feature stories, videos and tweets regarding the global space agency.

Download : Android, iOS

5. Pocket Universe

Aptly titled Pocket Universe, this is an iOS-powered astronomy app that is best for amateur star gazers who will be thrilled to carry their universe in their pockets. With this app in your hands, you will be able to learn the names of all the celestial objects along with constellations, planets and stars of the Milky Way.

The app comes with a built-in compass that sets into action once you place your iPhone to the night sky. Through the compass, you will be in a position to watch the planets and stars in action along with their labels and names. This app comes with a host of infotainment quizzes that sharpen your astronomical knowledge.

Download : iOS

6. ISS Detector

International Space Station (ISS) Detector is another noteworthy astronomy app that is compatible with your Android phones. Once you download this app, you will be thrilled to see the Chinese space stations Tiangong 1 and Tiangong 2 through your naked eye.

The only prerequisite is to have a clear sky to spot the bright flashes of the Iridium Communication Satellites. You will also be able to track the number of weather satellites along with sharing the cosmic sights via social media platforms like Twitter and WhatsApp.

Download : Android, iOS

7. Star & Planet Finder

With the Star & Planet Finder on your iPhone, you can enjoy the enigmatic night sky views on your palms. You will be thrilled to see stars, satellites, constellations and planets in the sky. Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology that makes it possible for the app to work in tandem with an in-built camera, accelerometer, compass and GPS.

Once installed on your iPhone, this app provides information about the planets, the Sun and the Moon.  Astronomy fans will be thrilled to lay hands on invaluable planet-specific information like their descriptions, their distances, masses and diameters.

Download : iOS

8. Night Sky Lite

After a long day at work, you will surely love to relax watching celestial objects. Tagged as an AR guide to the blue sky above us, you can download the Night Sky Lite iPhone astronomy app and enjoy indescribable stargazing experiences. While you will be able to view many celestial objects, you will be in a favorable position to enjoy beautiful stargazing locations from across different parts of the globe.

Download : iOS

9. Solar Walk

All those stargazers who love to dig into the ocean of celestial knowledge concerning the stars, planets and the Solar System now have an astronomy app that is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. All these appear to you in the form of captivating 3D images that can be zoomed and rotated in any direction.

Through this app, you can enjoy a closer look at the Solar system while you begin to explore the cosmic objects in real time.

Download : Android, iOS

10. SkySafari 5

Named as the latest version of the world’s top astronomy app, SkySafari 5 has lots in store for ardent sky watchers in 2018. With every object supported by a description, you will be thrilled to witness the progression of an eclipse that has occurred in the past, that which is happening at the moment or the one that is slated to take place in the future.

This app, which is compatible with both Android and iPhone can help you locate the Sun, Moon and the Mars along with the scintillating views of stars and planets like Saturn, Jupiter and Venus.

Download : Android

11. SkEye | Astronomy

The next time you are curious about what is happening up in the enveloping blue skies above us, that is when you should down the Android-powered SkEye | Astronomy app. With this app in your hands, you will be able to enjoy the scintillating presence of planets, stars and constellations. You also have the luxury of watching Messier objects along with a long list of 180 bright celestial objects that revolve in the sky.

Download : Android

12. Heavens-Above

True to its name, Heavens-Above is an astronomy app of 2018 that allows you to explore the much-talked –about heavens which are high above the sky. Through this Android-compatible app, you will be able to locate the International Space Station (ISS) while enjoying the view of satellites orbiting close to the Earth.

Download : Android

13. Stellarium Mobile Sky Map

When you have the luxury of enjoying the sight of cosmic objects through a simple app, you would definitely not want to burn a hole in your pockets by investing in a telescope. The Stellarium Mobile Sky Map exactly does this for you. Without calling for heavy investments into expensive sky-viewing instruments, you can simply download this app on your Android phone and watch the celestial events through a simple tap on your screen.

Download : Android, iOS

14. Satellite Augmented Reality

An Android app that helps you track satellites can also provide the much-needed sky-watching experience to astronomy lovers. So, if you are in the mood to exclusively track satellites, you can download the Satellite Augmented Reality app. Through this app, you will be able to locate the exact position of the satellites which are revolving around the Earth.

Download : Android

15. GoSkyWatch Planetarium

The GoSkyWatch Planetarium is an astronomy app of 2018 that is exclusively designed for your iPhone. With this app in your hands, you will be able to effortlessly locate and recognize constellations, galaxies, stars and planets. All you need to do is to simply point this app to the screen. Viola! You will be able to unravel the mysteries of the night sky through this small and effective personal telescope.

Download : iOS, ipad

16. Solar System Explorer 3D

If you have an Android smartphone and are an ardent lover of astronomy, you can check out the Solar System Explorer 3D app. This is a befitting app that can lend a helping hand to students of astronomy along with professional astronauts.


It supports 3D images teamed with incomparable sound effects, helps you to explore the space and enjoy the enigmatic images of a number of celestial objects. You will be thrilled to view the moons, the different planets and asteroids that have the expansive sky as their home.

Download : Android

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17. Star Tracker – Mobile Sky Map

The last in the list of amazing stargazing astronomy apps but definitely not the least is the Star Tracker – Mobile Sky Map app that allows you to explore the universe which is up above. Once you download this Android-compatible app and point it to the night sky, you will be able to see various cosmic objects including the stars and their beautiful constellations. A whole lot of 8,000+ stars can be viewed through the naked eye.

Download : Android, iOS


There are plenty of inquisitive learners out there who are willing to the go the extra mile to assimilate information from the universe that lies above us. As an exciting aid to all such curious lovers of astronomy, you can check out the above described Android and iPhone apps that will satiate their quest for astronomical information concerning stars and other celestial objects.