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What Makes Progressive Web Apps an Attractive Solution for Businesses

What Makes Progressive Web Apps an Attractive Solution for Businesses

Now is the age of “look-alike” apps that are aptly named Progressive Web Apps (PWA). A PWA is driven by modern web features, enabling business users to experience an app-like visibility and functionality. You have a choice to either deploy it as a Progressive Web Apps or a Native app so that your business can make the most of both the channels of interface.

These Progressive Web Apps can be deployed to servers which are indexed by search engines and are accessible via URLs. Not calling for any complex installation, these apps can handhold businesses in more ways than one.

Before we look into the advantages of PWAs, let us now delve deep into what makes these apps stand out from others which offer the regular web-based experiences.

Features of PWAs

  • The Concept of Progressiveness

Speaking of the word “progressive” that comes with these modern apps, this name makes it possible for every user to derive the best out of PWAs irrespective of the choice of browser.

It is though their core principle of progressive enhancement that make these apps a class above the rest. They can seamlessly fit into any device including mobiles, tablets or even a desktop.

  • Ease of Operation

Once you enter a website that can be used as a PWA, you will be asked to pin the PWA to your mobile phone screen.

This feature will help you retain the apps that you find are beneficial to you on the home screen of your mobile. This will not only save the app but will also allow you to start using it whenever you want.

  • The Offline Support

As with normal websites which run on internet connectivity at all times, this is not the case with PWAs. It uses cache memory that enable you stay connected via the offline mode.

This means that, all PWAs are independent of net connectivity, allowing you to either work offline or on slow-speed networks.

  • The Luxury of Staying Abreast With New Content

Another striking feature of PWAs is linked to their ability to work in the background. These apps, through push notifications help you stay abreast with the latest content.

This way, you can benefit through the app which will not only synch your data but will also send it to the user despite being inactive.

  • The Safety Feature

All these PWAs come with the HTPPS protocol. That means, these apps are safe, always securing your content from misuse or tampering.

After understanding the benefits of PWAs, now is the time to unveil the advantages of PWAs to businesses.

1. Ease of Implementation

If you are looking to understand everything that makes PWAs an attractive solution to businesses, the first amongst them is their ease of implementation.

All the PWAs come with JavaScript as the standard front-end language. PWAs hence do not call for any change in the scripting language. Simply apply the expertise of your in-house or outsourced JavaScript developers and you are all covered.

To sum it all, you can ensure a hassle-free implementation of your PWA without any additional resources, manpower or technologies.

2. Benefits to Users With Regard to Simplified Implementation of PWAs

After discussing the ease to implement a PWA from an operational perspective, let us now move on to the advantages your customers will enjoy.

PWAs do not need you to download and install them from either the App Store or Windows Store. On the other hand, as soon as you start using a PWA, you will be prompted to pin the app to your smartphone’s home screen.

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Once this is done, you will be able to use it without any hassles through the PWA icon. This procedure not only enables your app to come live in a jiffy but will also spare you the review process that comes with either a Play Store or an App Store.

3. It’s All About Speed Loading

PWAs load faster even while working offline. Statistics state that about 53% of mobile users abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. This is a serious problem that can affect businesses and their bottom-line.

Through PWAs, you can safeguard your online business presence. Your customers can simply navigate to the site on either a Chrome or Safari browser and get going. Thus, PWAs come as awesome tools for marketers to promote their products and services to the world of shoppers and clients.

4. Revenue Conversions

PWAs guarantee a reliable and effective online mobile shopping or transactional experience. This assurance, which is not linked to location, time or network availability constraints will help you rake in rewards.

When your business starts addressing the needs of your target audience, you will be able to provide the luxury of mobility to the world at large with a commitment to offer smooth and quick responses. These responses come in the form of push notifications which will help your customers to get informed about reminders and marketing offers.

5. The Cross-Platform Functionality

As with regular websites, you will be able to make use of PWAs on multiple platforms. As you already know that iOS does not support important Application Program Interfaces (APIs), you have a solution coming in the form of Adobe PhoneGap or Apache Cordova.

It is through this software plug-in that you can empower your PWA to interact with different platforms alongside program a host of graphical user interface (GUI) components.

6. Experience the Supremacy of Google

Here is another huge advantage in favor of PWAs. The fact that these apps are backed by one of the largest global software companies named Google, you can surely imagine what’s in store for these apps.

Backed by a strong intent from Google to churn out many websites offering “app-like” experiences to end users, the time is ripe for PWAs to be tagged as the perfect companions to native mobile apps.

7. The Native Apps v/s PWAs

Native apps which are developed for a particular service or platform are best suited to engage brand loyalists. Allowing loyal customers to install your app, you can ensure that you gain visibility. On the flip side, Progressive Web Apps can be used to reach out to new users.

Once they start interacting with your PWA, there will come a time when they can eventually download your native app. That means, you don’t have to replace native apps with PWAs but can enable both of them to work hand-in-hand.

The fact that PWAs offer the same engaging and responsive feel matching a native app stands in favor of the “best of both the worlds” maxim. Your customers will not only find your PWA interactive and engaging but will also enjoy better mobile browsing experience.

8. Brand Visibility Enhanced Through Push Notifications

User-engagement is a promising feature for any online business to thrive. PWAs come with an in-built ability to send real-time alerts to your customers as part of your user-engagement strategy.

It is through push notifications that your business will stand to gain even when the app is not running. Through this mobile app feature, you will be able to attract the attention of users towards your brand.

9. Low on Data Usage

Another fine detail that makes PWAs a star attraction to businesses is linked to data usage. All thanks to the way in which PWAs are built, they do not call for high data usage once it is installed. Repeat visitors to the app can get away with decreased loads.

Closing Thoughts

Keeping in mind all the above-explained advantages of PWAs to your app development business, you will be poised to create a strong mobile presence in more ways than you can imagine.

The keywords are increased conversion, interaction rate and customer engagement along with decreased loading times and data usage. These are all the star attractions of PWAs that can be employed by businesses to scale new heights.

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