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Mobile Game Market – Facts [Infographics]

Mobile Game Market – Facts [Infographics]

We played brick games earlier and now we love the games on our mobile phones. Currently, the total number of mobile devices worldwide are around whopping millions.

Mobile games have come a long way from the first one of its kind, Tetris aboard Hagenuk MT-2000 cellphone in 1994. The assortment of functions new gen mobile games incorporate are enormous. You will just go wow playing them!

Major speed increase and simulation of real world ecosystems are just two colors in the big picture. Hardware enhancements and improved tools of technology in mobile game development make way for exceptionally brilliant game features such as cloud gaming and virtual reality. The demarcation line between real world and virtual world games is fading nowadays.

The journey is unending and the scope for improvement is immense. Mobile game development companies are blooming up globally. There are tremendous opportunities for game developers and testers. In fact, the race is on to catch young talents.

This infographic contains a few informational facts about the mobile game market at present.

mobile game market facts

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