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How is Mobile App Technology Influencing the Fashion Industry

How is Mobile App Technology Influencing the Fashion Industry

The retail fashion industry has seen a tremendous change in 2017. Digital strategies are revamped every now and then to influence the shopping habits of people. Discounts and offers made everyone go mobile for their favourite choices, making renowned brands to capture 40% of the sales. Today, the retail fashion industry has made everyone a mobile app savvy with a wide variety of choices online.

Today, the fashion industry is growing with an ever increasing number of designers, brands, wholesalers and retailers on the online platform, especially the social media.

If the same continues, it will be a high time that all the famous luxury brands will shift their focus from the traditional physical shops, to a more sophisticated mobile app platforms and social medias.

Fashion Industry and Mobile App Technology

According to Gartner, the mobile industry is going to see a rise of 1.5 billion by 2018. So keeping this in mind, the online retailers should manage and develop a mobile strategy for their online selling.  Social network will see a high use due to the rapid expansion of content marketing to lure more users to the apps.

Besides providing data to users through push-notifications and SMS’s, the mobile apps will provide the ease to engage audience and make them without any hassle at the e-commerce store.

And what does all this mean for local shops and retailers? Modern people will find it easier shopping for their favourite brands from the kitchen table or couch,  but certainly that doesn’t match with the fun shopping your parents did physically by going to the market.

Fashion Products and Mobile apps

Fashion products go hand in hand with mobiles. With the ever increasing use of mobile phones around the world, has encouraged the top brands fashion industry to modify their business for the mobile generation.

The features a mobile app provides are as follows:

1.Smart Filters:

The smart filter feature in the apps gives an advantage for the users for finding exactly what they wish for. The filters is divided into factors like avg. customer reviews, price range, colour, size etc. So finding the right size of brand is now hassle-free.

2.Latest Trend News:

A recent study showed that people spend more time looking for a product on the fashion apps when they read about a new trend in the market. This triggers the urge for buying products. Business now use this tricks to attract their customers.

3.Virtual Trial Room:

Well, this theory has been long waited for by many. A virtual trial room uses Augmented reality (AR), where a user can upload his/her pic and try on the item they are looking at. Currently many businesses are using this in their app, one of which is lenskart where you can try out their frames by simply uploading your face picture.

4.Offer and Deals

This certainly turns on the women. Offers and discounts offered on your favourite brands is all you ever wanted. Businesses now market their strategies though SMS’s and emails.


The IT industry never halts, and hence the market for Mobile app development. Looking at the current fashion trend, we can certainly expect a lot more changes to happen in the coming years. These trends will allow the retailers to offer some entirely new experiences while shopping.

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