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Importance of the Programming Language ‘Swift’ in iOS Development

Importance of the Programming Language ‘Swift’ in iOS Development

Swift is a new programming language introduced for iOS and OS X mobile app development by the Apple. This program actually adopts the best of C and Objective C without leaving the constraints of C-language. Swift is used to write applications, and iOS is the operating system on which these applications run.

Features of Swift

1) Safe and easy programming patterns are followed
2) Provides modern programming features
3) Provide objective C like syntax
4) Swift is the best way to write iOS and OS X programs
5) Great access to existing cocoa frameworks
6) It doesn’t need a separate library import to support functionalities like input/output or even the string handling
7) Swift unifies the procedural and object-oriented portions of the language
8) Run time used by swift is the same as that of Obj-C system on Mac OS and iOS

The language swift adopts a safe programming feature to make it simpler, easier and fun to work with. Being easy to use, it is the first industrial quality program that is expressive and enjoyable . script-table language.

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Why is Apple’s Swift the Future of Mobile App Development?

Publicly, the program was released on 2010. It is believed that it took almost 14 years for the inventor to come up with the full version of the programme. The swift program is included in the Xcode 6 beta. The idea of the program was taken from other popular languages such as Objective C, Haskel, Ruby, Python, Rust and CLU.

Even though Swift contains the functionalities for building programs, it doesn’t handle anything like user interface, networking, audio etc.

Swift 1.2: This was the first major update of Swift which includes language features and other improvements.
Swift 2: Next major update that contains the checked exceptions and many other major improvements
Swift 2.2: This was a minor update to Swift 2.0
Swift 3: This was another major update which is used in the hacking by Swift.

Swift has been used as the main language for writing iOS and OSX apps. The introduction of this mobile app development program has brought out a main impact on the computing world and shows the long-term future of the programming languages. Developers quite like working with Swift because it motivates the starters.

Learning Swift

Before getting into Swift, you first need to install all the necessary tools that will help you to build the swift apps. Firstly, you need a fast running computer with the upgraded version of OS X. Swift comes with playground features where the programmers can write their code and execute to see the results quickly.

1) Install Xcode and create a playground: Firstly, you need to download Xcode from the Mac app store. Then, while launching the Xcode, look for the playground to get started. Playgrounds are a great way to work on codes and get results.

2) Variables and Constants: Every program will have a way to store the data and in the case of swift, it has two- variables and constants. A variable is a data store that allows the change of value any-time. But, constant is the data store which you can never change once its set. You might think then why it is important to have both the programs together.

One of the advantages of having the variables and the constants separately is that it will point out if mistakes are made. Constants are more important because they are the ones that let the Xcode take decisions on how your app should be made. In Swift, you make a variable using the “var” keyword, like: var name = “Tim McGraw”

3) Different types of Data: There are various types of data and swift handles them all individually. In swift, literally, a string of characters is known as String which can either be long, short or even empty.

4) Operators: These include the basic: +to add, -to subtract, *to multiply, /to divide, =to assign value. Another common operator that you will see is the modulus which is represented by the % symbol. Swift also has a set of operators that perform the comparison on values.

5) Arrays: Here, a group of values is collected together to a single collection, and later on, access their value by checking their position in the collection. An item’s position in an array is known as its index. Swift uses brackets to mark the start and end of an array and each time an array is separated using a comma.

6) Dictionaries: This is another type of collection like an array. But, they let you access the values based on the keys that you specify.

7) Loops: They are simple programming constructs that repeat a block of code for as long as a condition is true. Swift knows what kind of data your array holds. So, it will go through every element in the array, assign it to a constant and then, run a block of your code.

8) Switch cases: This is another type of flow control. One advantage to switch/case is that Swift will ensure that your cases are complete.

9) Functions: Lets you define the re-usable pieces of code that perform specific pieces of functionality.

10) Classes: This is another way of using this language for building complex data types. They are structurally similar but vary in certain functions.

11) Properties: Struc and classes have their own variables and constants and these are called as properties. They allow attaching values to the types to represent them uniquely.

12) Static Properties and methods: Swift lets you create properties and methods that belong to a type. Such properties of Swift are known as static properties and you create one by using the static keyword.

13) Access Control: This feature lets you specify what data inside the strucs and classes should be exposed to the outside world, and you can also choose clarifier’s accordingly.

14) Closures: This is another type of data which is extensively used in Swift. These are quite complicated, but, still expressive and powerful. These are widely used in Cocoa touch.

Swift has now turned to be the most important topic among the top mobile development companies. This is considered to be the most featured and approachable coding language for iOS development companies. By the end of 2016, Objective C is already taken over by swift and is believed to conquer the coding by 2017.

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Best Features of Swift

Open Source: It is an open source programming language that is easily accessible and is less costly for the ones who are trying to step in the platform of iOS development. Swift is already available within Linux and initiatives are taken to bring it to Windows.

Take less time to market with easy coding methods: With the use of Swift, the work can be done within stipulated period of time and can help you utilise different packages to assemble the app at a reduced time.

Least Error Prone: Since this is a functional programme, it supports functions in the form of variables. It generates generic codes which are efficient enough to do amazing things along with the reduction of repetitions as well as efforts.

Easy Maintenance: Safety has been the most crucial concept not only for the start-ups but also for the leading mobile companies. It can handle the functions and is safer than Objective C.

Cost Effective: If you are looking for an iOS app developer to develop native apps, then, Swift can be your ultimate choice. Since Swift comes with combined codes then it can save the enterprise money.

Multiple Faceted Language: Swift is considered to be a multiple faceted programs which enable the iOS app developers to develop all types of apps starting from commonly used enterprise apps to the latest low power apple watch apps.

Initial App sizes can be trimmed down by using Dynamic libraries: By using Swift, you can directly upload to the memory by trimming down the initial app size which increases the final product performance.

Innovative: It includes the best features of all the existing languages and mainly aims to help the developers for mobile app development that is innovative and interactive. It is considered to be the high usability programming language in the future and can solve almost all programs while programming.

Use Latest Research: It takes the positive features of all the existing languages and incorporates them.

High Potential: The easy usability of the language helps even an average developer to develop apps for iOS and also, fix issues with minimal effort.

Use Simple Grammar and Syntax: The programming language Swift can join all the keywords and there is no need for the programmer to end the codes using a semicolon. The grammar and syntax used are much easier than other programming languages.

With the future outlook, it seems like the Objective-C is the past and Swift is the future as far as mobile app development is concerned. The app developed by utilizing Swift is fast, with upgraded quality and offer better performance. With the help of robust community support, Swift is turning to be a smart programming language which manifests a better connection between the app developer and the target user.

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