How to Make an App like OLA?

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How to Make an App like OLA?

Today the scenario is such that it is almost impossible to travel without relying on mobile device. Mobile apps are indispensable essentials of routine life of populace because of its unlimited potential to deliver assistance with exceptional user experience.

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Taxi booking apps are the kind of solution that makes travelling hassle free and transportation easy. Among many leading global on-demand Cab booking companies (Uber, Lyft, Gett, MyTaxi, Hailo, Meru, Grab Taxi), has come a long way becoming one of the fastest-growing startups in India.

Before we begin to spill exact app features and other details of creating an app like OLA, let’s peek at brief gist about OLA’s envious success in Taxi booking service industry.

Inception and Success of OLA

A biggest Indian Cab Service Company, OLA was founded in on 3rd December 2010 with its headquarter located in Bangalore.The startup is basically a joint venture by is Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhatia.

Initially, OLA started Auto service as a trial in Bangalore which later protract to other cities like Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Indore, Ahmadabad, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Mysore, Guwahati, Visakhapatnam, and Agra.

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OLA now enables travelers to book taxi and auto using its unique mobile app. By 2017, the company has extended its network of 600,000 vehicles with availability in about 110 cities of India.

OLA cabs use GPS to track the current location of the user and provides different types of cabs ranging from economic to luxury cars. It has cash and cash-free payment options linked to digital wallets.

Incredibly enough, OLA also provides share-pass in about 7 cities. There is an increasing demand for app development like OLA as it is very simple to use.

Compelling statistics about OLA reported in 2018

  • About 150 million customers are using the OLA app globally
  • The app is used by 5.9 million Indian users
  • OLA has hired nearly 1 million drivers so far
  • OLA offers 1 billion rides annually, amounting to 1.5 million rides per day.
  • 450,000 numbers of cabs are reported on OLA’s platform; 1500 cabs are adding in the OLA platform daily.
  • 43 million km is the average distance covered by the OLA vehicles daily.
  • There are 8,000 numbers of employees in OLA Company.
  • OLA is becoming the most used app on android and iOS phones.

Interesting Facts about OLA

  • OLA initially started as the website which offers weekend trip packages.
  • OLA started his first office in a small room of 10×12 feet in Mumbai.
  • Bhavish did everything to provide customer support by photographing drivers and Ankit did coding for 48 hours. Bhavish has self-driven the cabs to drop customers.
  • The first logo of OLA is very different from now.
  • If the vehicles of OLA is stand in one line, it will cover 3895 km.
  • The most common names of drivers registered on OLA are Sanjay, Suresh, Ramesh, Rajesh, and Santosh.
  • The most amazing policy of OLA is that-they never ask the religion and caste of the drivers.

If you want to create an app like OLA, some features are must developing-features for the successful taxi booking app. Let’s have look at some important features required for developing the app.

Key OLA app Features to consider

To create an app of the best taxi service, three features needed to be considered- passenger app, driver app, and admin panel.

Passenger app

1. Signup

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The signup process is the basic thing when you start using any app. This feature should be simple and user-friendly. It is obligatory to create your account on the app.

This process should be easy and limited information should be asked, such as- name, email address, mobile number and unique password. The signup could be done with social media accounts or with an email address.

2. Location


The app should contain a pick-up and drop-off location. Allow users to save their favorite locations and to use Google maps; to make cab booking easy for the users. The app should support GPS trackers for location tracking.

3. Booking

The app should contain a full day booking, trip booking, advance booking, and the normal booking process. You can schedule your ride in advance according to your preferred time, date and place.

In normal booking, the request is sent to all the nearby drivers. In advance booking, the driver sent you a request for the booking. You can call the driver and can check his location also.

4. Arrival time

When you book a cab, the application shows the current location and expected arrival time of the cab. This feature is very helpful for customers.

5. Flexible booking

After selecting the cab type, the user can select the suitable time of their ride. This feature is helpful for the customers as they are free to ride on their desired time.

6. Confirmation

After booking your ride, you’ll get a confirmation screen with the detailed information of the estimated rate of your ride, discount coupon options, and cab driver information.

7. Feedback

After reaching the destination, the screen shows the total cost of the ride and distance traveled. The user is asked for giving the star rating to the driver as feedback to help the company to know about the satisfaction of the customers.

8. Emergency

The security feature is an important feature that should be provided in the app. Users can add any contact details of any person for the time of an emergency. Users can also share their information during every ride.

This feature increases the confidence of the user. The app should also provide an emergency button. When you press the emergency button the app automatically sends your current location and ride details to your emergency contact.

9. Payment mode

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Users are free to select the mode of payment to their convenience. They can choose to either pay in cash or use any mobile wallets.

Driver app

1. Location

Allow drivers to share their location through Google Maps that come in his route so that they can pick their nearby customers.

2. Records

Drivers are allowed to keep all the records of their completed rides and canceled rides. It is helpful for them as this will tell them about their good work.

3. Emergency Contact

Drivers are also allowed to add an emergency contact. If the driver activates the emergency feature, his contact will receive the ride details with their location.

4. Review

Drivers are also allowed to give their feedback on the passengers to be more careful and avoid future predicament. If a driver finds the rider’s behavior suspicious, offensive or bizarre, they can send the honest feedback to the app; which is automatically shared to other drivers.

So if the blacklisted riders attempt to book any cab with the company in future, the company will use its right to automatically reject their booking.

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Admin panel

1. Manual

This feature works in the area of low-network. The company can assign manually a trip to the driver on behalf of the rider.

2. Transactions

The company can get the details of the entire driver’s trip, revenue earned, discounts given to the riders, and commission earned.

3. Driver wise commission

The company can set different commission rates for the different drivers according to the star rating given by the riders. The company can also change the commission rate anytime.

4. User dashboard

This feature will help the company to track the completed rides, canceled rides, pending rides and active rides of all the drivers.

5. Pricing management

This feature is very simple to operate. From this feature, admin is allowed to set the pricing of the rides according to the area, time and flat rates.

6. Reports

From this feature, admin gets the weekly, monthly and yearly reports of the rides and earnings made by the company.

Tech Stack

If you aim to build an excellent, technically sound on-demand taxi booking app like OLA, you will need an exhaustive suit of technologies to fulfill the entire set of requirements.

Location service: Google Location API, MapKit, Google Maps Android API

Data Storage: Schemaless, MySQL, Cassandra,

Web structure: React.js, Node.js, Express.js

Mobile Tech: Gradle, Dagger, Picasso, RxJava, LevelDB

Push Notification: Apple Push Notification service, GCM (Android)

Cloud Communication: Twilio, Nexmo, Sinch

Payment Gateway Integration: Apple Pay, BrainTree, Stripe, PayPal, Venmo, AliPay, Bitcoin

Final Take: How to approach

Approaching the development of an app like OLA involves a lot of strategic considerations, market insight and innovative mindset along with a stalwart mobile app development team.

It is important to set off creating OLA-like app only after determining proper budget that impeccably justifies all the areas of the app development process. Additionally, technologies used for API integration, UI/UX and its back end are also worth mulling over – all of which is possible if you have hired a highly capable and experienced development partner.

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