14 Best On-Demand Apps For Android and iOS

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14 Best On-Demand Apps For Android and iOS

The world began to experience the power of mobile apps probably a decade ago. Little did we know that in a few coming years, the face of digital world will become so real that people will represent their business and personal expressions using online portals.

At the moment, over years of innovations, mobile technology has evolved and advanced beyond our imagination, affording live conversations, virtual socializing and fulfilling other desired lifestyle goals.

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Recently, the fresh wave of on-demand mobile apps for iOS and Android has revolutionized the way businesses offer their services.

These incredible mobile apps aim to target people who need faster and easier access to products and services, creating perfect environment of convenience, quality and trust.

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This blog focuses on those 14 on-demand mobile apps for iOS and Android.

1. Uber

Uber is a famous terms people nowadays use as a verb: ‘Lets Uber’.  Uber app is so famous among travelers and commuters, even those who have not used its services know what it means to order a taxi using Uber app. Uber’s envious success mainly stems from:

  • Affordability
  • Originality
  • Speed
  • Convenience

Uber - on demand apps

Uber offers economical services that exclude any additional fee you think you might pay. It liberates you from overspending for a ride. The service is so fast that the users can quickly avail the nearest car and track its progress as it approaches you.

Uber - rating - on demand apps

Plus, you get to experience its convenient booking process that involves just a few taps.

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2. Postmates

Launched in 2011, Postmates was initially built to help deliver various household goods and furniture. The app later became a food delivery solution. Postmates is the reason why market for food delivery apps development rose.

Postmates - on demand apps

The app has some great features that let you order food from restaurants as well as stores at an affordable cost.

Postmates - rating - on demand apps

This facility is an immense relief to those who lack time enough to visit a store or restaurant to place the order.

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3. Rover

Rover is another well-known doggy day care app with house-sitting facilities. Similar to Wag, features given in the app are dedicated to increasing the convenience and reducing the household stress by helping you take care of your pet.

Rover - on demand apps

 The app offers great ease in processing requests and works better than Wag! In many ways.

Rover - rating - on demand apps

Unlike Wag, it does not ask you for an interview for a thorough background check.

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4. Drizly

Drizly is a cool on-demand booze delivery app for ordering booze especially when you have arranged a party and needs bottles of chilled beer. You can demand a big delivery or just a few bottles of drink with pizza. Drizly supplies it all.

Drizly - on demand apps

The app also has amazing pre-arranged sets of booze to go with variety of dishes and occasions for an instant order.

Drizly - rating - on demand apps

This feature helps people who are indecisive about what they should choose from the available lot. Drizly is there to make easy for you.

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5. Soothe

On-demand apps are not just meant for food or taxi requests, it can also serve many daily-life purposes like Soothe. Soothe is actually designed to soothe your stress with an on-demand massage service.

Soothe - on demand apps

It offers its services in a handful of cities n U.S. and enables mobile users to order a great-quality massage session right at their home, office or hotel.

Soothe - rating - on demand apps

The app employs professional certified masseurs who carry the whole massage kit including table, oil, music, linen and more to make your session worthwhile. The app has 6 kinds of messages to serve different choices of users.

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6. Handy

Handy is an app that connects you with handymen, cleaners and mover and furniture makers. It is ideal for those who need help with household activities like cleaning or moving things or doing furniture.

Handy - on demand apps

You can book an appointment with a handyman or woman provided that you supply cleaning apparatus or equipment to them.

Handy - rating - on demand apps

Handy is definitely a great option to quickly find work in neighborhood and making contacts who may call you again repeat work opportunity.

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7. Bloom that

This is a unique on-demand app that offers services for giving someone a pleasant surprise or expressing your love or care for someone or even congratulating them.

Bloomthat - on demand apps

Having a simple and intuitive interface, Bloom that lets you pick from the range of fresh seasonal items of gifts.

Bloomthat - rating - on demand apps

Then you can select a delivery date and time and check the progress while the app prepares and deliver it to the mentioned address. The keeps updating its offerings and bouquet facilities.

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8. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a remarkable on-demand app inspiration if you are the one who wants to build such app. Like Handy, TaskRabbit is also there to help you with household services like cleaning, furniture, repair and maintenance.

TaskRabbit - on demand apps

It will connect you to people in neighborhood to do the job for you. You can check your to-do-list in the app as you finish each task.

TaskRabbit - rating - on demand apps

It also has cashless payment feature to order any service you desire. You can be sure that all services are of good quality and marked with utmost safety.

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9. Fiverr

Fiverr is more like a marketplace on-demand service where users can invest creativity to earn money and add to their experience.

Fiverr - on demand apps

Fiverr can showcase your writing, tech, editing, photography or translation skills and much more.

Fiverr - rating - on demand apps

The services in the app are inclusive of many things you can create which helps build your digital portfolio. The pricing starts at $5 and may exceed.

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10. Wag

Wag is your typical on-demand dog sitting app praised and appreciated by many dog owners. The app is great in finding a suitable person who can look after your pet. If you are one those who need help at the moment, try Wag.

Wag - on demand apps

It will connect you to local dog lovers for walking, playing, sitting with your furry friend for 7 days a week.

Wag - rating - on demand apps

It also contains live GPS tracking for dog’s walk and activity monitoring for gaining access to all the parameters of the dog walk.

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11. Medicast

Medicast is the user-friendly best on-demand app in the healthcare industry at the moment. This feature-rich app, though not being completely pocket-friendly for its per-visit charges, offers good value of money.

Medicast - on demand apps

You can use Medicast to send a request with a few taps and you will connect with a qualified specialist discuss the case in 15 minutes.

Medicast - rating - on demand apps

In certain cases, they will even pay a physical visit at your place and provide you with an urgent medical assistance if needed.

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12. Zilok

Zilok is your best chance to rent what you like and make some money.

You can put on sale your camera, phone, speakers, car, accessories or any other thing that you know will be bought by others.

Zilok is the best way to make money off things you already possess and want to sell off.

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13. Rinse

Are you sick of doing your own laundry? The difficult and time-consuming job washing your clothes of can be made less painful with Rinse.

Rinse - on demand apps

To make the laundry a lighter job, top on-demand app Rinse comes to your rescue to make the scheduling simple. The service is 7 days a week and allows you to pick date and time for a pickup.

Rinse - rating - on demand apps

You also have personalized cleaning options of competitive quality.

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14. Priv

Priv is an another fabulous on-demand app that offers right-to-your-door services. But the special gem of Priv is that it presents you with a wide variety of health, lifestyle and wellness services.

Priv - on demand apps

Here you have an option of hiring a specialist to give you an elegant hair-do, or other beautifying services like manicure or even massage.

Priv - rating - on demand apps

Beyond this, you can opt for fitness sessions at your own premise. Recently, Priv has started serving male clients, allowing them to choose beard and moustache trimming, shaving and more.

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By offering unique ways to make a living, these on-demand apps are riding a new wave in the market, bringing something distinguished from 5-days working system. For users, these apps make a huge difference to their life.

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The 14 best on-demand apps described above especially stand out in its merits with flexible work schedule and no brick-and-mortar company.

The fluid economy contributed by these brilliant apps could be the reason why on-demand apps are becoming a huge current in today’s rapidly transforming social economy.



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