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How to Launch an App?

How to Launch an App?

Do you feel that every business should have an app? Certainly not necessary. But if you already have an app, do you need to bring it in front of your potential customers? Certainly a YES. With millions of apps launching and competing every day in the market, a good app strategy will help you get to your destination.

Since a good app strategy is a topic that someone can write a book on, we are here to describe some interesting tips and tricks for launching your next app. This blog is drawn from the best practices seen in the development and launch of apps in the real world and gathered from the web.

We will divide the blog into 2 sections for launching of an app:

  • Tech/Developer Preparations
  • Marketing Preparations

Let us see them in details:-

Tech/Developer Preparations

A successful strategy of launching your app starts even before you actually launch it. Your developing team should keep in mind the following points just before they submit their app for launch.

a) Controlling Source/Version code: 

If you aren’t using the source control of your app, start using it right away. This allows the developers to control and manage any future versions and changes made to the app so you need not build a new app every time your business expands.

b) Using the Latest Technologies: 

iOS and Google are busy researching and bringing out new and latest features every another day. Make sure your app is built on the latest features offered by these operating systems to avoid getting outdated.

c) SEO/Link building for Different Users: 

Every user has a peculiar preference for searching his app on the app/play store. Make a thorough keyword research and customize your app according to various user requirements. Also, linking the app creates a great user experience.

d) Push Notifications: 

Incorporate push notifications for your app. They are one of the most effective and loved tool for your customers. This can prove a good strategy for re-engagement of your audience. But make sure you do not use this plan to annoy ad irritate your user.

Marketing Plan

There are 5 simple steps you need to follow for achieving your marketing target. Before you go through the points, it’s important you study the basics of about marketing techniques.

a) Researching Competitors: 

A recent study shows that almost 50,000 apps are launched every month. Before you launch you app, ask yourself, “Are you offering something unique and new to your customers?” Research and document all the things your competitors offer and what makes them stand out to the audience.

b) App Marketing And Discovery Platform: 

Platforms like ‘Preapps’ and ‘appnext’ offers sharing of your app ideas and experience to a community of similar interest before your app hits the market. This helps you to make creative and strategic enhancement to your ideas and leverage your network.

c) Optimizing app store listing: 

Similar to optimizing your website through SEO/SEM activities, a mobile app also needs optimization on play/app store. There are many tools like Sensor tower and Mobile action that can help you optimize your listing. You can also google other tips for app store listing tips.

d) Setup social platform accounts: 

An optimized mobile app is incomplete without its presence on social media. When a user searches for your service, it’s important they recognise your brand and connect with you instantly. Make sure you have an active social presence to connect with your audience in no time.

e) Beta test: 

Are you sure your application is free of bugs and serves it purpose? Before you release it to your actual users, release a beta test of the app for a selected group of people so that you know your app behaves the right way it should. Ask them to review your app while using it so that you are able to make any necessary changes and bug fixes.


The above tips are just a few ways you can make your app stand out of the rest. There are numerous other things you can do, but without these key steps those aren’t fruitful. Since now your strategy is upgraded, you are ready to rock!

Keep in mind that every business is different, each has its own culture, brand and approach. Customize your brand strategy in such a way that your users feel the need to be connected with you whenever they need. Make sure you get back to us.

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