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How to Create an App Like Hotstar

How to Create an App Like Hotstar

Hotstar is undoubtedly a hugely successful app. So, you might want to aim high and create a video streaming app like Hotstar, or simply gain traction in the video streaming app business. Here are a few important points to learn from Hotstar’s success journey.

In this blog, we dive into the different stages of app development, popular features, revenue-generating models, etc

Why on-demand video streaming apps?


Everything getting on-demand makes way for entertainment into on-demand. It’s time to say Goodbye to those lengthy commercials & strictly scheduled programs.

The engaging nature of apps like Hotstar & Netflix enables you to view international & local content. Such apps are working on every feature aiming at greater viewership & also subscribers. Premium members in Hotstar can even view contents before the original telecast.

Table of contents

Features of on-demand video streaming apps

Apart from the basic features of a basic video streaming platform, some superior features make them trending.

hotstar app features

#1. Easy login

Users can install-on-demand video streaming apps from the play store in simple steps. Easy login via Gmail, Facebook account, or mobile number is followed by opening up an amazing world of entertainment.

#2. Access to diverse contents

Apps like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc provide a proper portfolio on various shows & programs available. Some contents are devoted to premium members.

Basic genres are available to registered users. It shall have content for users of all age groups. Such apps usually include movies, serials, drama, Live sports, kids show, etc.

#3. Multi-language support

These apps are multilingual & you can engage with any language other than English / regional languages. This feature enables developers to reach a wider audience crossing geographical limitations.

#4. Quick Browse & search option

You can find out your favorite program by typing any of its keywords. Most TV shows & channels are included in the homepage itself, but you can have quick searches on other sub-genres on the search box. The latest versions incorporate voice search options which have made it more likable.

#5. Scalability

The developers can add or update new things whenever they need to. Users should not have any limit on scrolling search drop-down menu. They can watch the contents of their interest. Scalability in the apps should be ensured.

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#6. Download & watch offline

This feature makes people feel happy about uninterrupted content viewing. Once you download the content, you can just off your internet & can enjoy hours of entertainment.

#7. Watchlist

Here, you can search, select & add contents that you wish to watch later. No more repeated efforts on searching for the same content. Apps can give notifications about the contents in the watchlist &remind about them.

#8. Detailed user profiles

Users get all details about the content he/she wishes to watch. The cost of the content, plan details & payment methods. Users get suggestions on their favorite genres.

#9. Multi screening

Don’t you know about multitasking? You can engage in various works at a time. Here in Hotstar like apps, you can view different contents at a time. This feature is included so that viewers could feel ease in viewing versatile programs on their multiple devices.

#10. Premium contents

On-demand video apps consider premium membership as the best mode of generating revenue. This premium feature allows users to view exclusive content by paying a certain amount. This includes top-rated contents on IMDb, finest documentaries, etc.

#11. Privacy settings

Some people don’t wish to disclose the kinds of stuff they watch. But, some people are different from them showing the content they subscribe to. Both areas should be taken into concern.

#12. Payment methods

As the majority of contents are paid, the app must assure various payment methods. Users shall feel payment at ease. They can include credit/debit cards, BHIM UPI, or Internet banking.

#13. Push notification

Such apps let users know about updates or upgrades in their apps. Besides, users get notifications to watch upcoming movies/shows.

#14. Screen mirroring

You can view any content anytime on any device you like to. This is a typical feature of a video streaming app. Whether it be on a TV, laptop, or mobile phone, one should be able to view uninterrupted content.

 Steps to create an app like Hotstar

Below are the different stages of developing an entertainment app with appealing UI/UX.

  • Idea validation & determining your target audience
  • Form your team
  • Choose the cloud Infrastructure
  • Decide the content delivery network (Google cloud CDN, Limelight, etc)
  • Add security features
  • Select appropriate video engine or video player
  • Video Content Management platform
  • Decide on various features & functionalities
  • Include Multiple payment methods
  • Social Media Integration
  • Offer user personalization options
  • In-built analytics & tracking.
  • Enable in-app purchases.

Technical stack

Design : Weebly, Google Fonts

Language & frameworks : HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin, Swift, Gradle, Retrofit, Codeigniter

Hosting : Akamai Intelligent platform

Storage : MySQL, Mongo DB, AWS

Analytics : Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, Clever Tap

Database & cloud services : Cassandra, Oracle, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Atlas-DB

Productivity : GSuite

app cost calculator

Various panels in video streaming apps & their features.

Customer app

  • Login
  • Watchlist
  • Offline videos
  • Reviews, comments
  • Subscription services
  • Stop services

Show director app

  • Login
  • User management
  • Updates on contents
  • Third-party content
  • Advertising

 Admin app

  • Content management
  • Application management
  • Push notifications
  • Package subscription offers
  • Social media integration
  • Payment management
  • Technical assessment
  • Analytics

Monetization models of a video streaming app

A video streaming app conducts hassle-free streamings for its users. So, what will motivate them to make frequent services? These are the various strategies that help them get adequate revenue.

#1. Free- trial

Here, Users can enjoy free video streaming; this period is called the free trial period. It can be 15 days or 30 days where one can go through the app as a whole. After the free trial,  users pay a certain amount & avail regular/premium service.

#2. Advertisements

There are some short ads in between your streaming, which you often skip. But those ads are one of the effective models of revenue generation for such apps. The brands pay a specific amount according to their running time & visibility.

#3. Subscription-based

Users have to pay for a plan whether on a monthly or yearly basis. This payment is added to the user’s account as a credit for further streaming services.

How much does it cost to create an app like Hotstar?

The complexity, number of features & functionalities in an app determines the cost to create the Hotstar app. Many other factors impact the total cost. Let’s look upon some factors that decide the cost.

#1. Type of platform

The increase in the number of platforms will trigger the cost too. The cost of developing Live streaming apps in Android platforms is higher than that of iOS. It includes more work with technical fragmentations. The testing stage in the Android platform is also elaborate & time-consuming.

#2. App size

App size along with its appearance & features make a great amount in the process of development.

#3. App design

Higher flexibility needs a higher cost. That is, amazing & engaging UI needs more cost. Video streaming apps become unique, only when it meets the expectations of the user.

#4. Development team

In the case of outsourcing, you have to invest a great amount because of the higher expertise of the developers. The amount can vary from country to country. In-house developers too need more developing hours increasing the cost of your development.

Front -End development $14000-$3500
Back-end Development $14000-$37000
Android App Development $10000-$25000
iOS App development $10000-$25000
Total Cost Approx. $71,600

Popular On-demand Video streaming apps


This name is very much familiar to film enthusiasts. It is said as the leading video streaming service on a subscription basis. They provide personalization wherein individual members in a family can have their own personalized Netflix. Offline watching saves your data & watch whenever you wish to.

Amazon prime

Amazon prime is very much popular for its prime membership starting at 129/month or 999/year. They comprise hundreds of genres where you could find TV shows, movies & Amazon prime originals. Recommendations based on previously watched shows make users stay connected with the app.

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Social Media App cost

2020 is the best time to think about an on-demand video streaming app. As everyone is staying inside their homes & having a lot of time to spend.

They utilize this time for watching quality entertainment programs & people would encourage an awesome video streaming app happily.

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