How to Build a Photo Editor App Like Retrica

How to Build a Photo Editor App Like Retrica

Photo editing apps are now a part of every smartphone. From clicking the perfect selfie to adding a glow to your sunset photograph, these apps meet all your editing requirements and that too with less effort. Earlier people used to rely on Photoshop and spend hours to edit a picture in the right light, colour and exposure.


But, thanks to photo apps like Retrica, you can now get more use out of your smartphones and that too in an instant. These apps don’t stop with just photo editing they are also excellent tools to add a boomerang, a slow-motion or a rewind effect to your home or vacation videos.

So what goes on behind the scenes of creating these amazing apps and how easily can you build an app like Retrica? As an app developer, you need to consider the below questions:

  • What is the objective for creating this app? Is it for personal use or will you publish it on an App store?
  • If you wish to make a profit out of the app, would you make it available as a paid app or a free one?
  • How many filters and other features will you add to the app?
  • What are the unique tools or effects that you can provide through your app?
  • How easy will it be to use your app?

Once you have answered these questions you will be able to build an innovative app like Retrica, that photo editing enthusiasts would love to use.

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App development involves the below-listed steps

1) Ideating


Think of an idea that makes your photo app unique, also decide on the features you wish to provide. The number of screens on your app will directly depend on the number of features.



A good design can make your app more marketable, so think of a design idea that is easy on the senses. You can choose a classy, trendy, pop or vintage appearance according to the nature of your app.

A small yet significant factor is the design of your logo as this is what will give you more visibility and set you apart from other apps in the market.

Using wireframes


Wireframes help you to decide the flow or navigation of your app. It is used to create a prototype that provides an overview of each screen and the elements in it. There are many easy to use prototype tools available online.

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Creating the back-end of you App


The most commonly preferred programming language for app development are Java, Python, and PHP.

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You can also make use of Android and iOS specific native development kits and create apps for these platforms. You will also have to decide on the servers and APIs that are best suitable for the technical needs of your photo app.

Testing your app


You can test the beta version of your app by asking friends or family to give your app a try. You can make appropriate modifications according to the feedback you receive from these users before releasing your app in the market.

Getting expert help for photo app development


If you are someone with limited coding knowledge, then you can hire the services of an expert app developer to create your dream app like Retrica.

You would be actively participating in the development process and would be aware of each change made.

Some of the key benefits of working with an expert are:

  • Avoid or decrease the number of bugs/mistakes during App development.
  • Reduce the time involved in creating your photo app.
  • Get an expert technical opinion on optimal performance of your app.
  • Build your app in an affordable and cost-effective way.
  • Focus on your app marketing and monetisation goals.

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If you have an idea for a photo editing app and wish to make it a reality, then you can get in touch with Mobile app development agencies like Redbytes

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They will provide you with a team or an expert developer who will be dedicatedly working on your photo app. Some of the key benefits of partnering with a mobile app development agency are:

  • Bug-free and high-quality app delivered on time.
  • Flexible packages in affordable rates for cost-effective app development.
  • Use of latest tools and technologies for building your app.
  • 24/7 communication channels to update on the progress of the app.

If you wish to know more about how we can help you build a photo app like Retrica, then get in touch with us, and we would be happy to help.



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