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First Steps to Successful Mobile App Development – Define a Purpose and Validate Your Idea

First Steps to Successful Mobile App Development – Define a Purpose and Validate Your Idea

” What’s the purpose of your app? ” This should be the first and foremost question that should creep into your mind when you think mobile app development. There should be a solidly defined purpose for every app created. Candy Crush is for entertainment, Skype is for communication, and eBay is for shopping online. Developing an app without a purpose would only be a waste of money and time.

Okay, now that you’ve got a purpose for app creation, you can move on to the next step – Finalizing the app idea.

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There is every reason for you to be excited once you get hold of an apparently plausible list of app ideas. You will be eager to continue with the initial steps of mobile app development by choosing the most promising one among them. But, before jumping heads first into the development process, it is worth validating the concepts you have in hand, in order to know whether they could stand a chance in the competitive market and gain enough ROI.

The mobile app development process is quite expensive. Validation helps to save your money, time, and effort. There is a trend of copying the already successful apps in the market. But you should remember that, something that works for others may not work for you every time.

Proper planning and research is important in app development like in every other business. You should take effort to generate maximum feedback from the public. But that’s not an easy job. How could you generate any feedback for an unfinished app that is still in its conception phase? This topic gives you information about the different ways that you can use to validate your app.

Research Your Market Well

It is very important that you thoroughly check if your app can satisfy an existing demand in the market or create a new one. Google has got its own tools to determine the number of searches made all over the world. Keyword tool, Google trends, etc. will help you to analyze where the public demand heads. It also gives a more focused, niche based search option that allows you to obtain the preferences of people concentrated over a particular geographical area.

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The best app idea to choose could be the one that returns a total number of searches and that could come inside of a low competition area. The total searches made should be somewhat consistent round the year.

Study App Stats from App Charts

Use websites such as App Annie that track app market statistics to get an idea about the top apps and download stats of particular genre of apps. Also, do not forget to browse in popular app stores and get a record of the popular apps in them. This will help you to know about the possible competitors and will give you a glance into the existing market gap for different products.

Build Your Own Landing Page

Right when you have finally decided to stick on with an idea, you could start creating a landing page for your app. The landing pages should be simple with easy to grasp information and digestible designs. It should give the viewers a general idea about what your app exactly is, complete with graphics and the main functions.

This is a sure way of generating a much realistic estimation on the possibility of your app’s success. As a general rule, the number of clicks that you get will be directly proportional to the conversion rates. If whatever you get is a bit unsatisfactory, you should consider revising the design, text, color and other features of your app.

Apart from these major three, there are still other ways that could give you a chance to know if your app will hold up well. These includes social media campaigns through twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc., creating promotional videos, blogging and so on.

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