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Why Complex Designs May Hurt Mobile App Development

Why Complex Designs May Hurt Mobile App Development

Right from inception of an idea to making it into what can be vaguely called as a properly functioning app, the whole mobile app development process is not painless and straightforward. Be it windows, android or iPhone app development, the toil and determination that needs to be put is very much demanding.

Many things need to be foreseen, so as to avoid risks that may come up due to negligence or time constraints. Unattended minor difficulties during the initial phases can become your serious concerns during the end phase of development.

The major drawback is that the developers don’t decide how the apps should be designed all by themselves. It is a group decision where client preferences are given prime importance.

An idea that is too complex for code development

The initial task carried out after conceptualizing an application is creating its design. This is usually done in graphics editors such as Photoshop or prototyping platforms such as Marvel. Usually, an impressive design is created for demonstration purposes and then it is agreed upon by both parties viz., the mobile app development company and the client.

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The real peril surfaces when the design is converted into codes. The model created can pose many problems in getting materialized. For e.g.; the representation can include too much animation that will demand a lot more of the development time and considerable increase in the project budget.

Designers design with a market-oriented approach. It is mainly aimed at convincing the customer, without any consideration towards the coding process. The ways and methods used for creating designs and implementing code for the same design are totally different. What looks easy for designing may not be so for coding.

Distinction between a prototype and an actual app

A prototype of the app is necessary, mainly due to its contribution during the mobile app development process. It serves as a model of what the app should look and function like, as a final product.

Although, creating the prototype model has its own advantages, the snags too are many. The most unfavorable thing is that once the actual product is completed, there is no significance for the prototype of the app, and it should be literally just thrown away. This is serious for a mobile app development company, since the development of the prototype in itself is a time consuming and costly process.

Circumstances come too often, in which coding can’t be done due to the complexity of the designs. Once there is any need for improvement or reconstruction in the design, the time and effort of the designer in building the former prototypes is wasted.

The large gap between using real data and assumed data

The user inputs that are used during the app design and implementation period are always unsophisticated numbers, names and other such data. This prevents from getting a clear idea about the app behavior and responses, when they get into the hands of users once the app is launched.

But the real picture is much more consequential. Most of the behavioral pitfalls will actually be evident only at the time of beta testing or most probably after that. What this means is that, your app needs updating even after releasing it to the public. This can shoot the overall development cost accompanied with considerable loss of time and effort for the same project.

What is desirable?

There are a lot of persons involved in the conception and design phase of app creation – the designers, developers, clients, managers and marketers to name a few. Not everybody has got coding knowledge. Most are not even aware of the app development processes.

So the important step that a mobile app development company should take would be ensuring that everyone does have a basic understanding of the actual process. There should be collaborative effort to analyze the possibilities and impossibilities under the given resources.

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