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FBI Introduces New Mobile App to Find Bank Robbers

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FBI Introduces New Mobile App to Find Bank Robbers

In December 2012, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) launched a new website showing a gallery of unknown bank robbery suspects.

Now, they have launched a mobile app that can help in catching bank robbers.

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With this app, you can share all the information including photos about bank robberies all over the country and can sort out the robberies by its date and category.

The Bureau’s announcement makes it clear that the app isn’t a toy or novelty:

“Because the FBI, in its own bank robbery investigations, focuses on the most violent and/or the most prolific serial offenders who often cross jurisdictions, the suspects included on BankRobbers.fbi.gov are a dangerous lot and public assistance in identifying them plays a crucial role in our efforts to apprehend them.”

Users can contact them immediately as this app provides quick access to the online tips page of FBI.




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