Top 24 Sports Apps For iOS and Android 2019

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Having a smartphone in your hand means gaining sheer access to keeping yourself updated with your favourite sports games and tournaments.

Whether you are a football or cricket fan or a  tennis or basketball lover, there are a bunch of fascinating mobile sports apps that help you stay up-to-date with important updates about your favourite team, leagues and athletes.

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Such  sports apps enhances the value of your iOS or Android smartphone devices, giving you complete satisfaction of watching live actions or viewing live scores while on the go.

Packed with HQ pictures, videos, latest news and game schedules, a few sports apps are worth trying.

Here are handpicked top 15 sports apps for iOS and Android in 2018.


ESPN is the most updated sports app for Android and iOS that brings users the latest news and information from the world of sports.

The app offers a range of stuff from inside the sports field including live scores, breaking stories on teams and leagues and expert analysis.

espn - sports apps

With quick updates and variety of sports events, ESPN appeals to the whole mass of sports enthusiasts. Users can get personalized sports news about all their favourite athletes and teams by customizing the list of teams.

ESPN also has paid monthly subscription service that allows you to stream videos, shows and live games on your device.

ESPN rating

Download : Android, iOS

2. CBS Sports

Like ESPN, CBS Sports also keeps you updated on personalized scores, statistics, analysis and news stories happening in your favourite sports teams. The app also comes with live streaming option for many sports events like NCAA Basketball and PGA Tour.

cbs - sports apps

Users can also avail access to on-demand game highlight videos, professional analysis and other related programs. Additionally, users can listen to CBS Sports Radio for live broadcasts and view CBS Sports HQ channel for high-quality video streaming experience.

CBS Sports rating

Download : Android, iOS

3. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is the free app meant to get you all the essential sports info instantly which includes news, stats, scores, events and more. It is equipped with many great features such as reading stories written by sports analyst and buffs.

Yahoo - sports apps

You can explore games like NHL, NBA, NACAR, NCAA, MLS, and NFL with precise alerts about when event starts and wraps up. Apart from these leagues, you can also be informed of soccer leagues such as Spanish La Liga, Barclays Premier League, Champions League, etc.

Yahoo sports rating

Download : Android, iOS

4. theScore

theScore is popular for delivering instant game updates, analysis and scores along with breaking sports news. theScore outshines other apps with its event calendar that allows users to keep track of upcoming games, latest scores, highlight plays and statistics for previous games.

thescore - sports apps

Its game reports offer detailed breakdowns for statistic seekers for each play. It also lets you follow teams and players, giving personalized notifications of news and big plays that matter to you.

Plus, you have social features to share stories and game summaries with your mates and followers.

theScore rating

Download : Android, iOS

5. Eurosport

The Eurosport app has a user-friendly interface which is a perfect companion when you want sports updates on the go. Like theScore,

Eurosport also comes with the sports calendar and live scoring options with maintaining more than 150 news articles on a daily basis.

eurosport - sports apps


Users can also enjoy web chats with players, individual races and games made real with live text commentaries.

The app covers most celebrated Football leagues, F1 races, Golf and tennis tournaments as well as your favourite players like Serena Williams, Nadal, Murray, Sharapova, Djokovic and many more.

Eurosport rating

Download : Android, iOS

6. Bleacher Report

Bleachers Reports stands out among other similar sports apps by going beyond the generalist approach and offering accurate details about your favourite team or franchise.

Bleacher report - sports apps

It constantly encourages users to define their sports taste and game interests and pick their favourites. Based on selection of users, the app delivers relevant, real-time notifications gathered from various online sources.

Users will get stories, scores, pictures and related videos on their chosen preferences which also include latest breaking news in sports from blogs, print media and websites.

Bleacher rating

Download : Android, iOS

7. Breaking Sports

This is another great app dedicated to all the sports lovers across the world. It contains everything you need to know about sports like the latest game stats, scores, news, etc. Breaking Sports makes sure you remain updated with important news in sports.

breaking sports - sports apps

 Apart from stats, scores and alerts, you can also view players, leagues and team as offered by other sports apps. To get personalized alerts for videos and news, you can also enable push notification in the app.

Breaking Sports rating

Download : Android, iOS

8. The Athletic

The Athletic app is for true sports fans, who is fanatical about their games and want no interruptions in form of advertisements. This is a subscription-based sports news app that has in-depth coverage at length by professional sports writers.

the athletic - sports apps

It appeals greatly to people living in US and Canada. It covers a range of sports games such as big national leagues (NFL, NBA) and local college-level tournaments.

The app offers 7-day free trial to check its features and offerings and has certain monthly subscription plans, too.

The Athletic rating

Download : Android, iOS

9. TeamStream

TeamStream gets its glory from the fact that it covers everything about your favourite teams and leagues. It works best for those who want to explore sports actions of teams they like.

teamstream - sports apps

You can add the team you are fond of and get the latest news and info related to your favourites.

It has real-time notifications that allow you to be the first to know updates. You can also explore photos, video streaming, scores and news from other sources like newspapers, websites, Bleacher report, blogs, Twitter and more.

Team Stream rating

Download : Android, iOS

10. NFL Mobile

NFL Mobile is amongst the best news mobile apps for it suits the taste of all football fans.

NFL - sports apps

This free app brings your way breaking news of NFL games, real-time scores, photos, videos, game highlights and articles so that you will be updates about all important things about your favourite teams.

The app offers good number of amazing features for Android, iPhone and iPads users.

NFL rating

Download : Android, iOS

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11. Thuuz Sports

Thuuz Sports is another great app that makes sure you are never left behind for your team’s exciting actions.

Thuzzsports - sports apps

It enables you to enjoy your favourite sports, teams and players and also offers an incredible feature to track news and anticipation that create great excitement for upcoming games.


Users can know their game schedules and where exactly they can watch their upcoming game live. It also offers personalized notification system to provide alerts on the go and personalized sports news and fantasy sports tracking.

Breaking Sports rating

Download : Android, iOS

12. FIFA official app

There is nothing more delightful than having an official and verified sports news app with sophisticated, user-oriented features. FIFA Official app keeps all the FIFA fans updated and amazed with live scores from across the globe.

You can view breaking news, photos, exclusive videos, interviews and features from official site of FIFA app has a comprehensive coverage of each FIFA competition, making for a reliable and unrivalled mobile app for International Football world cup fanatics.

FIFA rating

Download : Android, iOS

13. NBA

The NBA’s mobile app is designed for all Basketball fans and provides a great deal of information and important news on Basketball games.

Users can access live scores, highlight videos, game schedules and team decisions and statistics plus customizable game-related notifications.

Users can even subscribe to NBA’s League Pass to enable live streaming of games and on-demand videos on your device.

Moreover, users can watch classic matches and 24-hour NBA TV channel while exploring premium NBA content, interviews, discussion and press conferences.

NBA rating

Download : Android, iOS

14. Forza Football

Forza Football is the most comprehensive mobile app that acts as an all-in-one football source for sports news, scores, match schedules and online community.

Users can keep up with minute-to-minute match updates for their favourite teams as well as participate in forum for fan polls and opinions.

The app allows users to choose their favourite teams to receive notifications about their upcoming matches, goals and card, pre-match line-ups and more.

Forza rating

Download : Android, iOS

15. NHL

The NHL app is an excellent source of live scores, team stats and player’s performance stats for your favourite teams. It gives the detailed information about season schedules, game alerts, post-game highlight videos and discussions.


Users can explore NHL to get the updates on the latest news, game schedules and analysis of their favourite teams.

NHL delivers customizable notifications, too. The premium subscription to NHL gives ad-free experience, streaming live games on demand and extra stats.

The Athletic rating


Download : Android, iOS

16. Bleacher Report Live

It is a beta service that offers live video streams of games from a variety of sports and leagues, such as the NCAA, PGA, and a number of international soccer leagues.

Bleacher Report Live

It allows users to flag their favourite leagues and teams to get notifications of upcoming events. If the Bleacher Report Live doesn’t have a stream, then the app can provide you with a list of local channels, apps, sites, radio channels and sports bars where the game is airing.

Bleacher Report Live - rating

For that, all you have to do is enter your location and TV provider. This app is an ideal option for those looking for on-demand sports streaming.

Download : Android, iOS

17. LiveScore

This reliable app provides up-to-the-minute scores and helps you get exactly what you are looking for.


It delivers the latest from the world of soccer, basketball, hockey, cricket or tennis, with match information, league standings and the latest headlines and match highlights.

LiveScore - rating

Download : Android, iOS

18. Yahoo Fantasy Sports

It is one of the best all-in-one apps thatcover fantasy football, baseball, basketball and hockey.

Yahoo Fantasy

Yahoo Sports and Rotoworld experts allows players to create or join fantasy leagues, set up drafts, quickly set up team lineups and track scores and performance and check out analysis.

Yahoo Fantasy - rating

This app also allows users to participate in weekly and daily fantasy games with a chance to win real money.

Download : Android, iOS

19. StubHub

This app allows users to buy and sell tickets to games, concerts and other nearby events, complete with a “FanProtect” guarantee.


With this sports app, users can look up game schedules, seat layouts as well as follow their favourite sports teams or artists to get info about upcoming games and concerts.

stubhub - rating

Download : Android, iOS

20. MLS: Live Soccer Scores & News

This app brings you the latest news, live scores, match schedules, standings and on-demand video highlights.


It also allows users to check out starting lineups, photos and box scores for league matches. It offers personalized notifications that allow you to follow your favorite teams.

MLS - rating

Download : Android, iOS

21. MLB At Bat

With this mobile app, you can access latest Major League Baseball news, game schedules, stats, standings and rosters as well as selected videos and analysis.

MLB at bat

It allows users to follow their favourite teams for personalized notifications and news feeds.  The premium features can be unlocked that provide users with live audio and game look-ins, access to the MLB.TV Game of the Dayand in-game highlights.

MLB at bat - rating

Download : Android, iOS


This app provides race schedules, standings and even live race information for free. It allows users to check out leaderboards, listen to race radio, view in-car driver cameras and race highlights and enjoy news and other video content.


It lets premium subscribers to get access to customizable leaderboards, driver and official audio.

It comes with new Crew Chief feature that includes live real-time data for every driver, including speed, RPM, throttle and estimated fuel, pit stop info and even the GPS positions of the top ten drivers on track.

Nascar - rating

Download : Android, iOS

23. NCAA Sports

This app allows you to view live video coverage of more than 65 championship events, as well as look up scores and schedules for multiple championships.


It allows users to pull up regular season scores and standings. It also allows you to follow specific schools for custom scoring notifications as well as view team hubs for the latest scores, news and social media feeds.

NCAA - rating

Download : Android, iOS

24. 365Scores

This app helps users to get the latest scores from the sporting world. As the app provides live game, score notifications and video highlights, the userscan follow their favourite teams or even specific games.

365 Scores

It also allows users to access related news, articles, online buzz, and schedules. It covers some of the biggest sports and leagues such as the NBA, NFL, MLS, and the UEFA Champions League.

365 Scores - rating

Download : Android, iOS


Online App stores have hundreds of apps to keep you glued to your favourite sport. Discussed above are 15 best and most updated sports news apps for iOS and Android.

They all have unique features that qualify to live on your device. You can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly.



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