15 Best Reseller Apps 2020

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15 Best Reseller Apps 2020

There are many items you think your house is cluttered with and it is time to sell. It might be a pile of clothes you no longer wear or a bicycle now too small for your grownup kid, or a piece of furniture you want to resell and buy a new one.


These items that are no longer of value to you may be a treasure to many people out there. The best way to make money out of those unusable junks is to list them on a marketplace app using just a few simple clicks.

There are many user-friendly reseller mobile apps in the market that help you sell secondhand goods and make some money. All you need to do is to take a clear photo of the item and upload them inside the app.

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Here is the list of 15 best reseller apps you can consider to buy and sell used items:

Letgo Decluttr Poshmark
OfferUp eBay Close5
Mercari Facebook Buy & Sell Groups Carousell
Dealo Hoobly Chairish
Gone Instagram Tradyo


1) Letgo [Android, iOS]

Letgo is literally your life saver app probably because of the utmost convenience experienced by users while listing and selling used items.


As claimed in their creative TV commercial, Letgo does feel like a savior as you can just snap a picture of the item and list it in no time. Buyers can view your listing in the app as well as on its desktop website.

letgo - rating

Letgo also supports its users living in rural area based on city zip code. Buyers can enter the zip code and Letgo will populate the list of products nearest to them.

Google PlayApp Store


2) Decluttr [Android, iOS]

Decluttr is a reseller app that helps you to sell a product if you have preserved it in good condition. It just takes a few minutes to sell the unwanted items for which you receive payment the next day.


With Decluttr, it is easy to sell cell phones, books, video game and consiles, DVDs, LEGOS and more.

Decluttr - rating

Users can scan the barcode of an item to receive a price quote from the app, after which Decluttr sends a printable prepaid shipping label for shipping the box. They also give you a box in case you don’t have it.

Google PlayApp Store


3) Poshmark [Android, iOS]

Poshmark is the reseller app for selling clothes. It allows you to freely list both adult and children clothing. Much like Decluttr, Poshmark also sends you a free prepaid shipping label when the sale is confirmed.


Poshmark app has closet where you can upload a few pictures of the item in real time. Buyers have freedom to explore your entire closet, which is a unique element of the app.

poshmark - rating

So when shoppers come looking for a specific brand, they also get to sneak into other listings in your closet.

Google PlayApp Store


4) OfferUp [Android, iOS]

Apart from usual reselling services offered by similar apps, OfferUp also rewards sellers who repeatedly offer good customer experiences.


In this reseller app, buyer and seller can leave feedback for done deals. To ensure more security with genuine identity, users can also link their Facebook account.

Offerup - rating

You can make a watch list, use the in-app chat to talk to sellers and make a counteroffer. OfferUp deserves to be compared with eBay for its service quality and authenticity.

Google PlayApp Store


5) eBay [Android, iOS]

eBay is believed to be a marketplace for selling items that are shipped. But not necessarily as buyers can be from any part of the world or far side of the country.

Local listings are allowed on eBay for items that are large and bulky and can be picked up using ‘Local pickup only’ if you don’t want to bear shipping cost.

eBay - rating

eBay lets you sell almost anything almost anything. Even local businesses also list on eBay to boost their sales and sometimes offer free delivery.

Google PlayApp Store



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6) Close5 [Android, iOS]

Close5 is another simple and convincing option for selling old items especially when you live in an urban location. Close5 does not work well for rural areas.


Although eBay, Letgo and Facebook are a few great options, you can still look to Close5 to see what nearby sellers are listing here since this reseller app offers rich local listing.

Close5 - rating

It allows you to list just about anything ranging from furniture, home improvement kit, antiques, auto parts, etc.

Google PlayApp Store


7) Mercari [Android, iOS]

Mercari encompasses a wide variety of products and is considered as a flea market app. You can sell and buy used or new handmade items, video games, antiques and collectibles, DVDs, beauty products and clothes and more.


Originally launched in Japan as a mobile shop, Mercari was first introduced in U.S. in 2014. Sellers put snaps of the items along with description of price, brand and condition and shipping cost.

Mercari - rating

Sellers can choose whether they will pay for the shipping or make buyers pay for it.

Google PlayApp Store



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8) Facebook Buy and Sell Groups [Android, iOS]

Facebook has all the leverage of being a most successful social media platform, which means selling stuff on Facebook is enormously profitable.


You need to click on “Buy and Sell Groups” button in its Explore menu to join the group. Facebook lists several groups in your locality or you can search by specific city or county group.

FB - rating

To list precisely, it is important to read its group guidelines as selling controversial items are prohibited.

Google PlayApp Store


9) Carousell [Android, iOS]

Started in Singapore, Carousell is emerging to be a popular in the category in U.S.


Like many others, Carousell also allows you to sell items across wide categories including clothing and automobiles.

Carousell - rating

Moreover, the listing can be published on social media where your friends can share them everywhere.

Google PlayApp Store


10) Dealo [iOS]

Dealo will have you quickly listing and selling your products. This reseller app has global presence and is available for iPhone.


Buyers can easily contact sellers via phone or email or prefer glorious in-app chat communication.

Dealo - rating

It looks after your privacy with its chat-only solution until you decide to meet and seal the deal. Buyers enjoy more options in Dealo.

App Store


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11) Hoobly [Android, iOS]

Hoobly is whole dedicated to pet service and for those who sell pets for official adoption. Thought other items can also be listed, buyers mostly look for pets with this app.


This reseller app is free to post options and available for both iOS and Android users.

Hoobly - rating

In the market of pets selling, Hoobly has emerged as a great, unmatched app whose reputation is difficult to emulate for others.

Google PlayApp Store


12) Chairish [iOS]

Chairish is the premium reputed furniture reseller app with affluent visitors where you can also list home décor items or classy jewellery. The app is exclusively created for iOS users.


However, this one is not free and charges certain listing fees with 20% commission. It has free shipping for certain type of items. Buyers has 48 hours of product return window which expires with in-person pick-up, and the payment is received after 48 hours.

Chairish - rating

If you have upscale, high-quality items, Chairish is a magnet for buyers despite its high listing fees.

App Store


13) Gone [iOS]

If you have any electronic gadgets that you want to resell, Gone can be your best resort. Sell your smartphone, tablet, laptop, smartwatches or e-readers on this app.

Gone app

Just take a snap or record a video of your electronics and let Gone decide whether it looks sellworthy. They will make you an offer and pick up the item from your home or send you prepaid shipping material and printed labels to drop off at UPS store.

Gone will put all the efforts of listing the item and sell it for you and you will receive the payment. If item doesn’t sell in 30 days, you have a chance to lower the price.

App Store


14) Instagram [Android, iOS]

Instagram is not only a photo sharing platform for young adults; it is also a local marketplace.

Insta marketplace

Just take a picture of the product you desire to sell and place it there with a small product description and a price.

Instagram - rating

Instagram is the most appropriate place if you have products that suite generation in twenties. Many people have had success reselling their stuff on Instagram.

Google PlayApp Store


15) Tradyo [Android, iOS]

Available for both iOS and Android, Tradyo lets you sell items and services locally within your community.


Here the trade is based on the chat communication b default, but you can always use phone if you wish.

Tradyo - rating

Buyers can view listing by zip code without mentioning your location before a meeting with a seller. This factor ensures complete privacy for you.

Google PlayApp Store



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These 15 reseller apps will help you make money from your existing items. Some have local listings while others have country-wide or even cross-border delivery facility.

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The apps listed above are inclusive of the spectrum of choices and options that comfort both buyers and sellers. You may try several apps to sell used stuff and settle for one in the end.



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