24 Best Apps For iPhone 7 Plus

24 Best Apps For iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s iPhone 7 plus is one of the most widely used mobile devices by students, entrepreneurs, business officials and even common man who are looking to improve their life style. With its stunning features and awesome performance, the gadget is winning hearts of many. The inbuilt apps are a real treat for users to enhance their daily routine activities and the gadget is offering an unparalleled mobile usage experience.

There are many third party apps that are designed exclusively for this iPhone series models that can really improve its overall performance. The apps are available for different categories by considering the varied interests of users and the most popular apps are offered for health and fitness, music, video editing, travel and dine, task management and a lot more.

Here are a few among the best apps you can download and install on your iPhone 7 plus mobile this New Year:


1. AnyDo



This is one of the must have apps for iPhone 7 plus phone if you are looking to get things done on time and stay organized with your daily activities. This awesome app can serve as your assistant in carrying out the daily tasks in a more structured way without missing any important dos. The app helps you to have a well balanced work, personal and family life.


  • Smart, clean and user friendly design

  • Update chores and grocery lists

  • Collaborate tasks with others

  • Attach photo, audio or video to tasks

  • Type or speak your tasks at convenience

  • Cross platform support and location reminders





2. Spotify



Music lovers can go for this app to have the best music listening experience on their gadget. Search your favourite artist, album or track and enjoy the music for free. You can make use of the readymade playlists and make things more enjoyable with personal recommendations. You can enjoy a free version with ads or go for a premium version and set up your best ever music compilation.


  • Play any song despite time

  • Options to listen offline

  • Excellent sound quality

  • Make and share playlists at ease





3. Cameo



This award winning free app helps you to enjoy the video editing at its best and share it. A few swipes are all what needed to edit, trim and link by combining your favourite video clips. Also awesome soundtracks, themes and good quality video filters make the whole experience a delight.


  • Customizable and easy-to-use video editing tools

  • Add titles and captions with ease

  • Video editing and saving at any resolution

  • Share edited videos with friends

  • Options to store videos in cloud to save space




4. Twitch



If you are a gaming lover, then here comes the best ever live social video platform to spice up things.The app lets you watch live streams and even have a chat with other viewers, or streamers despite time and location.


  • Recorded and live videos of events, video games, music or cooking

  • Enjoy interactive live shows

  • Chance to enjoy exclusive video game events

  • Late-night viewing modes

  • Intuitive and simple navigation

  • Live chat options with top gaming communities




5. Open Table



Food lovers can have the great dining experiences with this useful app that lets you make restaurant reservations for free. The choice of restaurants is simply extra ordinary as 43,000 restaurants round the globe partners with the app.


  • Find restaurants based on time, date, cuisine and location

  • Booking and rebooking options despite time

  • Invite guests to dine

  • View reviews, menus and restaurant pictures

  • Get personalized recommendations

  • Earn reward points with each booking for dining later




6. RunKeeper



This amazing health and fitness app used by over 50 million users helps you to inspire and maintain your fitness with GPS run tracking. With continuous tracking of exercise, sweat and set goals, this multifunctional app helps you know your progress.


  • Connect with Apple Watch and leave your phone while running

  • Discover and save new routes with GPS

  • Join running groups and take a collaborative effort

  • Connect with other health apps to calculate collective progress

  • Share activities and progress in social media




7. Mint



Money management is at your finger tips with this great app that lets you do it in one place. This financial tracker app combines all the sources from which you make transactions such as credit cards, bills and investments and bank accounts so that you can manage the money from a single place. With updated data about your spending and saving, you can set a clear control over your finance.


  • Reminders about bill payment

  • Tight security with multi-factor authentication

  • Access to free credit score

  • Smarter budgets to save more

  • Easy syncing with web app





8. Goodreads



Book readers can use this amazing platform to discover the books of their interest and share recommended books too. The personalized recommendations help users to get their favourite reads with ease. Also you get a chance to improve your reading by taking part in reading challenge. You have options to interact with other readers by joining book clubs online.


  • Rate and review books

  • Set up want-to-read list

  • Recommend books to friends

  • Get updates and reviews from friends

  • Vote for favourite books





9. Pages



This word processor app transforms your iPhone into a handy device which lets you generate elegant reports, documents and CVs in a matter of minutes. The support for smart zoomand multi-touch gestures makes the app a right choice for iPhone 7 plus phone.


  • Easily review changes with change tracking

  • Share documents with others

  • Instant report creation using Apple-designed templates

  • Add videos and images to report

  • Easy organizing of data in tables

  • Join threaded conversations

  • Automatic spellchecking and list making

  • Save data on iCloud





10. Google Trips



This mind blowing app lets you explore the world in real ease than ever before. The activity suggestions can be received based on your preferred spots and get customizable day plans according to your areas of interest. You can glance through all your bookings in one place that can include flight, rental car, hotel and restaurant bookings.


  • Get suggestions on nearby things to do

  • Offline access to app

  • Automatic trip organization by accessing relevant details from Gmail

  • Get customized attraction suggestions on travel





11. TapeACall



The incoming and outgoing phone calls on your iPhone 7 plus phone can be recorded with ease using this app. You can do the recordings with no limit time for recording for individual calls. All these recordings can be easily transferred to your new device for later access.


  • Download recordings to PC

  • Upload the recordings to Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive

  • Easy to use interface

  • Label recordings for easy tracking

  • Get call recording laws

  • Instant access to recording after calls





12. Quik



This app can help you edit your videos taken in Go Pro in your iPhone. Right from this app, you can do some amazing editing works for your videos with just a few taps. When you need to do the editing just choose the photo or the video and then the app will take over the other works.


  • Helps in finding the right moments, adds transitions, effects, does synchronizations etc.
  • Customization of text can be done
  • Add up to 200 videos or photos
  • To make frame perfectly the app can detect faces and colors
  • Consists 26 video styles, you can change video formats





13. Uptime



The app lets you set up YouTube video parties where you can invite your friends for live video chat and also sync together to watch videos live.


  • The group setting is enabled
  • Can share laughter and everyone’s reactions for each video in queue
  • With codes, you can make your video session private
  • A complete fun way to watch latest social and viral videos





14. Quartz



Leaving away voluminous long business reads, this app is here for users to provide small bite-sized articles or summaries just as in size of a text message. If further interested the user can click through and get into more details and articles regarding the news.


  • The app consists of notifications with photos, videos, charts, news GIFs,
  • Even has a 3D augmented reality object that you can play around or use to learn more things





15. Dropbox


This app is a pioneer to cloud storage which lets you store your files, documents, photos, music etc. which you can access from anywhere and any device. Within the app, you have a storage capacity of 2GB for file sharing and also has the offline setting where users can access their files at offline mode also.


  • Share files easily with anyone even if the person doesn’t have a Dropbox account
  • Has support to Microsoft office files which lets you edit files using your iPhone or iPad
  • For instant uploads, you can also convert files to PDF within the app
  • Other than the inbuilt storage, the user can almost 1TB of storage from the Dropbox Pro





16. Bear



This is kind of a beautiful app that lets you create content, notes, prose, quotes and now also sketches. The best part is that it works on almost all version of iPad, iPhone, Mac so that the user can write down wherever and whenever the inspiration strikes.


  • The written content or notes can be linked or shared with other members so that you build a body of work
  • Hashtags can be added for easy organization
  • Notes are stored in portable plain text
  • From quick notes to essays you can create anything using this app
  • It has a focus mode which lets the writer concentrate more on the content and also has the options for marking up





17. AccuWeather



App provides timely and detailed weather forecasts starting from the 15-day outlooks to the minute by minute forecasts. From wind speed to temperature, all necessary weather-related details are provided in this app.


  • Get animated weather information, radar maps
  • Detailed forecast summaries
  • An extra feature is AccUcast, this system can be used for crowd sourcing warnings on hazardous road conditions or weather
  • Has apple watch support
  • Customizable weather features
  • Contains weather related videos





18. Venmo



This is a person to person payment app just like PayPal which lets you conveniently make and share money with anyone anywhere. If you have money in your account, then you can instantly pay the amount.


  • Link your bank account or debit card
  • The data encryption method within the app can protect all your financial information
  • It’s a simple and fun to use money app
  • A new feature called Venmo Card is introduced which lets you use your Venmo balance in different places





19. Kindle



The app provides users the opportunity to read ebooks on a beautiful, easy to use interface through your iPhone, iPad, Mac etc. It lets you make highlights, bookmarks etc. of the pages so that you can easily find and start from where you have left.


  • Discover various categories of books- fictions, storybooks, graphic novels, textbooks etc.
  • You can get instant definitions without leaving the page
  • Support text to speech on many devices
  • Has the feature of making in-page highlights
  • Include other features like X-ray, Whispersync, Print Replica, Flashcards





20. Swiftkey



This is yet another powerful predictive typing app or engine that can quickly adapt to the users typing quirks making autocorrects and auto-complete more reliable and easy.


  • Adapts quickly to the way you type and use your keyboard
  • Learns your writing skills
  • Has an intelligent next word prediction system
  • Support multi-lingual language typing consists of over 800 Emojis
  • Speedy swipe typing








This brings all your favorite app services together for easy usage, thus saving your time. Almost 600 apps work with IFTTT like Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Google Drive, Gmail etc. which also works with devices like Alexa, Google Home, Nest, Philips Hue etc.


  • With the user’s voice, you can control any connected device around you any time
  • Custom daily forecast notifications
  • Automated and safe intelligent home security alerts
  • Get notifications from friends or family
  • Share all important files and photos
  • Stream social media whenever required





22. RunKeeper



This is a GPS-based fitness tracking app that helps in tracking your exercise, set measurable goals, check the progress of any workouts you do running, training, walking, biking, hiking etc.


  • To listen to the audio, you have the option of 6 captivating voice choices that you can customize accordingly.
  • Make personalized plans for your daily routines
  • With Run keeper Pro you can add on premium services towards your progress goals
  • Has the feature of Apple Watch Integration





23. Instagram



In the whole lot of social media apps, Instagram still holds a special place among users as it lets you share those special moments in your life easier to your friends, followers, and family in the form of photos, video, Gif etc. Along with following your friends and family, you can also follow other accounts that share things that you have interest in.’


  • Post photos or videos after using filters or creative tools
  • You can create a collage of pictures or even create multiple videos to one slide
  • Share media in form of stories that exist only for 24 hours for your followers in your news feed
  • Watch live videos and stories from people all around the world





24. Mint



This is a money manager and financial tracker app that lets you effortlessly manage your money. In this app, all your account details, credit/debit cards, investments, bill payments are brought together so that all such functions can be done through this single app.


  • Manage bills and money in one place
  • Save the time of accessing various apps
  • Make your budget better with the right analysis
  • Be smart with your credit score
  • Data encryption enabled so securely enough for users





There are a lot more apps for iPhone 7 plus model that can really transform the way people can use the gadget in their daily life. Other than these categories, you can go for apps for watching sports, gaming, social media connections, news apps, painting, arts, sky watching, quick booking and a lot more.

You can have a look at the Apple app store to search for more apps of your interest. More and more apps are being developed every year to help people to have the best iPhone usage experience. Make sure that you get the apps from the official app store to enjoy the original version of the apps.



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