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Beat the Stress with Mobile App!!!

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Beat the Stress with Mobile App!!!

Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda on Wednesday introduced a new mobile app to reduce, manage stress- “No More Tension”.

This app will help the users to manage their stress as it provides the users with necessary information, symptoms and how to manage it.

Beat the Stress with Mobile App!!!

The minister also released a magazine named “Healthy India Initiative/ Swastha Bharat-ek-pehal”. It is a part of Goverment’s Digital India Programme and is to give priority to public health and to modify citizen-centric health services.

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Mr. Nadda also said about the importance of stress management in one’s life and how it affects their lives.

Beat the Stress with Mobile App!!! Beat the Stress with Mobile App!!!

He also stated that all the Health related mobile apps will become available soon at just one click on the National Health Portal.




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