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Apps Overtake Desktop in Online Banking (BBA)

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Apps Overtake Desktop in Online Banking (BBA)

The everyday usage of banking apps have risen as never before. At the same time, usage of banking websites have gone down. This has been reported by the British Bankers Association (BBA).

In 2015, 4.3m website logins happened per day, as against 4.4m in 2014 while 11m users logged in using apps in 2015 as against 7m in 2014.

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BBA chief executive Anthony Browne said that the customers are loving the new tech as it allows them to bank round the clock.

Does the same remain true for online payments?

When it come to payments, users are still more inclined to use a desktop. 347m payments happened through mobiles in 2015 while 417m payments happened through desktops. But there was a significant change from last year. Payments through app increased by 54% while it was just 2% for website transactions.

There are numerous new app-based banks around the world which are making it easier for customers to pay on the go.




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