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Prisma Photo Filter App Rolls out Android Beta Version

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Prisma Photo Filter App Rolls out Android Beta Version

Beta version of Prisma, the photo filter app which has taken the Internet by storm was rolled out to Android for user feedback. But the app, which is just a month old in iOS, was taken down in a short while.

However, the company assures that this trending app would be available on Google Play Store this month itself. In its Facebook page, the company wrote “A big thanks goes to everyone who has managed to try our beta for Android. We have collected enough feedback and had to close it,”

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The app is at the yop of iOS app charts. It converts pictures into works of art. In fact, Prisma CEO & co-founder Alexey Moiseenkov gave hints that the app will be getting new features including filters for videos. The below video was posted by him on his facebook account.

The app’s working is pretty simple. You just take a photo or choose from your photo gallery, then apply Prisma filters. It takes a few seconds to load. But delivers some amazing pictures. Check out the iOS version here




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