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Top 8 Apps For Latest Updates of FIFA World Cup 2018

Top 8 Apps For Latest Updates of FIFA World Cup 2018

It is time for soccer mania to grip the whole world, as the quadrennial FIFA World Cup is about to kick off in Russia literally. For fans around the world, nothing can be more thrilling and exciting than watching their favourite stars in the play. Yes, we are officially in the planet of the apps and we use apps to follow our most loved game.

Follow the most critical moments of the game without missing a single signature move of your favourite stars –that keeps you in the game, even if you are not near a television screen.

For those of you who may not be fortunate enough to be up and awake to watch the games, here are seven of the top apps that you can consider to have on your phones to catch the action.

1) Official FIFA App:

Obviously, this could be your first choice, because of the official tag. This app comes with a load of features with a classic image gallery that will reproduce the action in breathtaking images.

Available for both Android and iOS platforms, the app lists out all details exhaustively, including the team composition, the match schedule, a professional minute by minute update of all the action and one of the best video libraries that will enthrall you.

Download : Android, iOS

2) One football App:

If you are looking for a lightweight version, an app that is easy to navigate and offers you the information that you need, then Onefootball is a good option. Available for both Android and iOS platforms the app allows you to pick the team you love to watch and follow them all the way through their FIFA world cup journey.

With crisp updates about fixtures and scores, the recap section will undoubtedly keep you abreast of all the action that unfolds in Russia.

Download : Android, iOS

3) Goal Live Score:

If you are the nerdy type and would like to follow the game through figures and scores, then Goal Live Score would be the most suitable app for you. As with most of the apps that are developed for football crazy fans, this app is available in both Android and iOS versions.

It keeps you updated with the happenings on the field in real time. The only catch is that you get to see the scores on the app and no other action or feeds as offered by other apps. However, it serves its purpose efficiently and is a lightweight app.

Download : Android, iOS

4) Goal Fantasy Football:

This is one app which is intended to meet the needs of soccer fans who like to have a slice of the action. Made available for soccer lovers in both Android and iOS versions, this app permits users to get their own team and try their hand at a fantasy session of soccer with their own pick of team members. This is an exciting way to take your interests forward and be more involved in the game rather than being a spectator. Get the adrenaline to rush as you get your own team into play in the mini-leagues.

5) Stats Zone App:

Another app that is targeted more at the nerdy soccer lovers, it offers exciting tidbits of information and vital statistics. Football has a lot to do with statistics, and the game would never be entertaining without the knowledge of knowing how goals were scored by a team or by your favorite star. The manner in which maneuvers resulted in successful goals will be of interest not just to a nerd but also to individuals who are looking at taking to the sport. The only downside to this app is that it only works with iOS.

Download : iOS

6) BBC Sport App:

Can BBC be far behind where football is involved? Yes, this app available for Android as well as iOS is from the reputed British broadcaster. True to their inimitable style, the app is packed with loads of information about the game with a lot of interesting background information that adds to the spice of soccer. The analysis is in-depth and will throw great insights into each game and will keep you riveted to your seat. Moreover, unlike most of the other apps on this list, you get the benefit of podcasts with this app.

Download : Android, iOS

7) Sony LIV App:

If you would love to get streaming videos of the action in Russia, then this is the app for you. It supports Android and iOS devices and offers users the options of going in for a paid subscription or a free service. The difference between both the options are ads and deferred streaming of the games. With the paid subscription, you will not get to see ads and you can watch the action live. With the free download, you will get to see the action deferred by five minutes with ads playing out in between to support the free streaming.

Download : Android, iOS

8) ESPN App:

ESPN being one of the biggest American sport media has made their mark on the digital space with their app that provides users with constant coverage of all major sports, including football. As its the FIFA world cup time, ESPN app has a dedicated section where you can view the games updates, get the schedules of upcoming games and even read articles from ESPN writers about the game.

Download : Android, iOS

Closing Thoughts:

The four year wait is nearly over as the world cup is just around the corner s. As media and entertainment industry is grown so much at the touch of smartphone screen, all major mobile companies and platforms have come up with apps for their customers. According to a recent Google survey, 30% of sports fans now rely on live streaming on their smart phones or tablets. As the upcoming 31 days starting from June 14th 2018 will be dominated by football with the FIFA World Cup 2018 kicking off, take your right pick from the apps listed above and download to catch all the actions in real-time.

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