Wi-Fi Attendance

Wednesday November 28, 2018

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Wi-Fi Attendance helps an user to punch-in and punch-out attendance, get insights to latest news and blogs and also notify you about latest events going around your working Environment.

User can view weekly as well as monthly attendance records. If the User logins from outside the office then, notification is sent to the manager that a particular device has login from a particular location. Even the user can apply for leaves in the Wi-Fi app.


  • Live location tracking
  • Overtime management
  • Time saving results
  • Enhanced attendance evaluation
  • Attendance information can be accessed 24*7
  • More secure than conventional mode of attendance
  • Management of Absenteeism
  • Payroll Management

Wi-fi Manager:

  • Dashboard: This basically includes Total Leaves, Approved & amp; Reject Leaves, punching details like late punch in/out or early punch in/out. Within this, the Manager can categorize the employee on the basis of the punch in location like if employee punch in from out side can be have work from home today.
  • Absent people list
  • Team list contains, employee details like profile, attendance, rewards, leaves etc.
  • Notification: Leaves related notification, late punch details etc.
  • List of an announcement: Add an announcement, assign rewards, news etc.

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