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Load Bird App

Load Bird App

Load Bird is an App which provides Bulk Load delivery via the Truck in PAN india with excellence services. Load Bird App is an online platform which provides a base for the truck drivers to register their truck and find loads with ease. It has many options to Bid for a Load, Request load if the user is coming from destination empty, easy transporter communication, Quick Payment Transfer from Transporter and Tracking etc.

Load Bird application has :

a. Transporter App: The Transporter app allows users or truck owners to register themselves and find drivers for the load delivery. The transport can select any driver based on the Bid amount, process and track the driver until the load is delivered. Once the load is delivered the transport will process the payment using the in-app payment gateway and give rewards, rate and provide a review for the driver.

b. Driver App: Here the Truck driver can register, find a relevant load and apply for a bid in order to get the load from the transporter. Once the bid is accepted by the transporter the driver will receive a bilty and deliver the load to the proper location. After delivery the driver will receive the payment and rewards from the transporter. The driver can rate and review the transporter as well.

c. Admin Panel : Admin panel is developed for the authorized person to track the overall functionality.


With Load Bird, Drivers are able to connect to Transporter in order to get load. The Driver will find and request load to the transporter, multiple drivers can bid for the same load and once the bid is won the driver can start his trip. All communication will be tracked on both the driver and transporter’s end.

Scope of the project:

Load Bird is a Transport Management App. The technology used to develop are mentioned below :

  • Android
  • Backend : PHP
  • Database : MySql

Development :

Load Bird was an interesting project. The project was divided into three milestones. Each milestone was properly planned and managed by the Project manager. After each milestone completion builds were shared to the client for verification and feedback from the client were collected.
The development team consisted of four developers – two for frontend and two for Backend.
We followed the Agile model throughout development.

Testing :

For Load Bird we had performed manual testing, as we work in Agile software development continuous testing after each module has been followed throughout.

Some of the methodologies used while testing are :

  • Load Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Cross browser testing
  • WhiteBox testing
  • Black Box testing

Reporting Tools for issues :

  • Redmine
  • Gitlab


1. Login
2. Home Screen with functionality such as :
a. Find Load
b. Request Load
c. Add Load
3. Bid for load ( Accept / Reject )
4. Process bilty
5. Check Load status
6. Check Load History
7. Rewards
8. Notifications
9. Rate and review
10. Profile
11. Change language
12. Phone directory
13. Refer and Earn
14. Support
15. Terms & conditions



Cost Calc.



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