Friday March 24, 2017


Teach your children about forests, including the whole variety of plants and animals living inside. This game will help them to explore the different life forms in forests, improving their knowledge. It’s a simple to use quiz app composed of questions based on forest life and has different difficulty levels.

This quiz app supports both single player and multiplayer modes. Players can invite friends to play this game by sharing the app via mail id.


  • During the game, after each question, the user is given the right answers to check whether they are correct or not.
  • After each question, the user will be given some information regarding the questions already asked.
  • Once you complete a quiz, the score/points of a player are added to his/her account depending on their performance.
  • A user can also play a multi-player quiz against any random user registered over the system and the opponent is assigned by the system itself.
  • The ranking of the player is also displayed in the ranking lists.

So, why wait? Download this app now and start learning. In fact, this quiz app can be enlightening and entertaining to grow up as well.

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