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Bike Rental App

Bike Rental App

This is an online bike rental app for both Android and iOS which allows users to have pollution-free rides by renting electric scooters for a day or longer. Users can assign pick-up & drop points and start their ride in just a few clicks.

This assures you to upload a valid Driving license to enjoy better and safe rides. You can select from popular bike models to accompany you in your cost-efficient rides.


We believes in the “GO GREEN” concept. Here, users can travel at ease and comfort in an environment-friendly mode. It helps users to enjoy rides on well-maintained electric vehicles reducing the cost of fuel and providing handy access to easy & dedicated travel needs.


Handling race conditions for bike booking was the major challenge we faced during its development. It was tough, as it is hard to manage multiple bookings on the same bike at a time. We applied the “First come first serve” concept here.


Redbytes always give prime concern to the user experience and convenience of the app. We ensure you pocket-friendly two-wheeler rides through a safe app solution. Boosting up flexibility & excellence in each aspects of app development makes Redbytes the best in the industry.

What we did?

We developed an intuitive user-friendly app available on both iOS and Android platforms which contributes towards the environment by providing electric vehicles that reduce pollution.

Users can register through email, mobile number or social media accounts. They can create a profile where details about their rides & payments can be viewed.

We also created two separate categories of ‘license required’ and ‘no license required’ vehicles. The former type enables users to book vehicles with a valid Driving License and the latter  to book vehicles from No license required category.

Key Features

  • Login / signup
  • KYC Verification
  • Upload valid driving license
  • My Account
  • My Rides to know ride details
  • Profile edit option
  • Select your location
  • Manage addresses
  • Select pickup/drop location
  • Choose vehicle model
  • Specify ride duration
  • Available coupons
  • Terms & conditions
  • About us
  • Send queries via support forum
  • View Recent Notifications

App flow


Design & Deployment

As per client suggestion, we designed an app with simple & easy-to-use interface. Excellent back end & front-end developers together worked behind this app.

Two types of user profiles are accessible with this app. One is for the Vendor and the other is Customer.

Vendor app

  • Vendors can enter into the app using login or registration.
  • They can upload details about the vehicles they have.
  • Can check the daily bookings & bikes available.
  • Details of ongoing rides & previous ones can be tracked real time
  • Update store timings & specifications of each vehicle.
  • Battery charging requests can also be managed.
  • Frequent checking on the availability of delivery boys.
  • Manage approved & rejected bookings.
  • Managing new vendors.

Customer app

  • Customers can register/login to the app via email or social media.
  • Users shall undergo KYC verification to get app services. Users can select the ID type & upload them.
  • Driving license must be uploaded to book vehicles from the ‘License required category’.
  • They can select exact pick-up & drop points.
  • Users can select from ‘license required’ & ‘no license required’ vehicles. The start date & time can also be set.
  • Customers can view the vehicle details & select delivery type ‘Home delivery’ or ‘Self pickup’
  • Once the person selects the vehicle, a detailed price breakdown is shown. Users can save money by applying coupon codes.
  • Various payment methods including COD, Razor pay (Using debit/credit card/UPI/Netbanking), and Paytm.
  • View a detailed booking summary along with the booking status.
  • Booking status will show notifications about ‘Booking requested’, ‘Booking accepted’,’ Shrideing’ (Vehicle assigned) & finally ‘booking completed’
  • Users can extend booking end time, but only once.
  • Battery recharging option for users.
  • For finishing the ride, users have to upload the vehicle’s current meter reading as image & submit all details
  • Users can verify final billing details &pay via COD or other options.
  • For completing the booking, users are asked to enter the OTP shared by the captain.
  • Users can give reviews & feedbacks after the ride.


This app is active on both android & iOS platforms. It took 5 months including a month for testing to complete this project.

The technologies used to develop this app is

Android (Java) , iOS (Swift)

Backend: Python

Database: MySQL MySql (Backend)

SqlDB (Frontend)

Web APIs: Django Framework of Python


We planned & completed each development stage under proper deadlines. The app got refinements on each stage & along with fulfilling client requirements. This app was developed inside 4 months.

The client communication was mainly done through skype and reviews were made till the client satisfaction.


For this project we had manual testing. Manual testing requires more effort than the automation, with successful bug fixes in software. The testing stage was conducted with unit test cases for each flow.

The Quality analyst too followed manual testing on each stage with written and validated test cases.

Investment in person

Our development team comprised of 5 skillful & experienced developers translating client requisites into an awesome app with utmost perfection. The app required four months for its completion

Our development team members are

  • 1 iOS developer
  • 1 Android developer
  • 1 developer for vendor app
  • 1 backend developer
  • 1 Quality Analyst.

Our Achievement

Active Customer engagement & their satisfaction is the driving force for Redbytes to create newer app solutions. We are really happy to know that our app is widely used by the people.



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