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Amazing! Mobile App to Help People Facing Autism

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Amazing! Mobile App to Help People Facing Autism

‘ASCmeI.T.’, a free mobile app has been launched by the consortium of researchers from the Universities of Southampton and Sussex to help people facing autism.

They can share their ideas on what kind of new technology would help them best.

”If you have ever had a moment where you wished there was a useful technology out there to help you, or someone else, with something related to autism, this is the chance to get your idea heard,” said one of the researchers, Sarah Parsons from University of Southampton.

Users can upload a one-minute video with a brief description through this app. This will be shared with the researchers so that digital technologies for autism can be developed according to the needs of the users.

“This project is totally unique and encourages ‘citizen science’. ASCmeI.T is a simple yet highly effective way to enable people with autism to get their voices heard and to allow the creativity of a previously neglected group to be realised,” co-investigator on the project Mark Brosnan from the University of Bath pointed out.

This mobile app can be downloaded for both Apple and Android devices.




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