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Alibaba’s ‘Reunion’ App helps in the Rescue of Hundreds of Children in China

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Alibaba’s ‘Reunion’ App helps in the Rescue of Hundreds of Children in China

The “Tuanyuan”, or “Reunion” app developed by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd helps Chinese authorities recover hundreds of missing children last year.

The Ministry of Public Security said that 611 missing children were found in 2016 with the help from the reunion app. The app allows the police officers to share information and work together.

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According to the reports of Xinhua News Agency, the app sends push notifications, including photos, to users near the location where a child has disappeared. If the child is still not found, then notifications are sent to users farther from the location of the disappearance.

The updated version of the app in November 2016 helped it to expand its reach through association with other popular apps, such as Taobao, search engine Baidu, Tencent Holdings Ltd’s instant messaging software QQ and mobile ride-sharing platform Didi Chuxing.

China has a rampant child trafficking problem for which the government is taking measures to solve.




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