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A Smartphone for Rs 99 Namotel Acche Din claims to be the ‘World’s Cheapest’

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A Smartphone for Rs 99 Namotel Acche Din claims to be the ‘World’s Cheapest’

After the news-making Freedom 251, another smartphone has now claims to be the world’s cheapest smartphone at just Rs 99/-. This phone is named ‘Acche Din’ and is launched by Namotel.

The company is obviously something we have not heard of before. Is this another fake news? We cannot be sure. But it’d be clever not to spend your money on this.

The phone claims the following specs

  • 4-inch Display
  • 1GB RAM
  • Android 5.1 Lollipop
  • 1.3GHz quadcore processor
  • 1325 mAh battery
  • Camera – 2MP REAR + .3MP FRONT
  • Dual SIM Card

The company has promised the phone to be available for booking from May 17th to 25th May 2016. According to company promoter Madhava Reddy, this could be the cheapest phone ever, and would revolutionise the mobile phone market. Mr.Reddy has previously been working in the Home Loans department for Axis Bank, as a Relationship Manager. It evidently points his inexperience with the smartphone industry.

Looking at the news, its hardly believable. The news raises a lot of suspicion. Lets hope people do not fall for such campaigns.




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