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85 Million Android Devices Affected by HummingBad Malware

85 Million Android Devices Affected by HummingBad Malware

A malware named HummingBad has affected around 85 million android devices. It’s creators are generating around $300,000 per month by means of false ad revenue.

This malware was originally spotted in February and it’s suspected to have originated from a company in China. Android devices are infamous for not being secure due to irregular update patterns.

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HummingBad affects devices by implanting a persistant rootkit. This malware runs its campaign along with genuine campaigns. These details were revealed in a report by security specialist company Check Point. The report, which is 24 page long also said that any data inside the affected smartphones are also at risk. In fact, if the malware acquires root access of your device, then it gains full access.

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