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Six iOS/Android App Development Questions to Ask Before You Start

Six iOS/Android App Development Questions to Ask Before You Start

Independent research shows that between 2009 and 2017, the projected number of mobile app downloads will be over 102 billion.

As a business owner, you might take these numbers as proof enough to start with iOS or Android app development. But don’t let the numbers alone steer your decision. Your customers may or may not want to download an iOS or Android app for your business just yet.

Ask yourself these 6 questions before you invest the time and money in Android or iOS app development:

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1. Would your business offerings fit into a mobile app design?

Several B2C businesses have found success in mobile apps, especially in the e-commerce domain. Buoyed by this success, the interest in Android app development or iOS mobile app development has surged in other industry verticals as well. Even so, it’s imperative to assess and evaluate the mobile experience. It can be a challenge to develop the right mobile app experience and design for enterprises operating in niche areas such as heavy engineering, manufacturing, and the automobile industry.

2. How are you going to acquire customers?

Getting customers to download your application for Android or iOS can be difficult – irrespective of whether it is a paid or free app download. Factoring in the various user acquisition channels suited to your area of operation can help enhance acquisition. When doing so, measuring the lifetime value of your app against basic parameters such as the cost per install (CPI) is important as well.

3. Will your app really solve a problem?

Be sure to identify your customers’ pain points before you chart out a development plan for your mobile app. An app should go someplace your existing customer acquisition plans cannot reach. If you’re a business that wants to stay connected with customers and be available to meet their needs at any hour of the day, then you most likely need an app.

4. Are you prepared to foot the costs – before and after?

App development, deployment, and maintenance is an enduring process in that it needs both time and money. Experts recommend that you test a beta version on a smaller sample before you plunge head-on into an Android or iOS app. This approach will give you a fair idea about the funds your mobile app strategy will consume in the long term.

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5. How aware are you of your customers’ preferences?

Before you show your mobile app developers the green light, take a step back and get into your customers’ shoes. Be sure to have a clear idea of why your customers would want to use your Android or iOS app. Also ask yourself whether the app will directly solve a problem for customers. Evaluate the benefits of a paid app versus a free app download. Keep your customers’ preferences in mind all through your app building process to keep it as close to their needs as possible.

6. Do you have the right mobile app development team to fuel your dream?

There are several skilled individuals who need to work together to build a mobile app for Android or iOS. These include front-end and back-end developers, UX designers, and QA engineers. As a large company, you might have the resources to foot the costs of developing an Android or iOS app. But if you’re not in the big league yet, outsourcing an app would offer more value.

Got something to add to these points? We’re eager to hear about it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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