• 13 Popular iOS Learning Apps For Classrooms

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    With so many benefits brought to the field of education, adopting learning apps in the classrooms is a smart choice. But one could often be confused about which among the thousands of apps available in the market should be adopted. This blog will help to ease the worry by providing a list of the most popular iOS learning apps for kids.

    1. Book Creator

    Book Creator helps in creating a personal iBook, through simple steps. It allows users to import information in the form of images, audio, video, and text.

    Download : iOS

    2. Slideidea

    This is a tool for creating presentations. Slideidea allows students and teachers to add audio into their presentations. Other features include attaching annotations to the slides, or embedding polls.

    Download : iOS

    3. iMovie

    iMovie is an app that comes preloaded on all Apple devices. It allows users to watch videos and tell stories. The app is a very good tool that could be used in conjunction with other learning apps for kids to permit better understanding of concepts.

    Download : iOS

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    4. Rover

    Rover is an educational browser that provides kid safe content and is free for use. Many sites that doesn’t function well with the Safari browser like BrainPOP will work correctly in Rover.

    Download : iOS

    5. 3D- Brain

    3D-Brain will help to get a better insight on the structure, functioning and disorders of the human brain. Teachers can present these topics in a more graspable way with the help of case studies and use website links that connects to modern research.

    Download : iOS

    6. Edmodo

    Edmodo is an app that allows teachers to create and delete groups required for managing the various daily activities in a class. For e.g., groups can be created for conducting discussions, sharing study materials, assignments etc. Edmodo will create an interesting and engaging learning environment. Along with learning, students will also develop various soft skills such as turn taking, helping peers, collaborating, critical thinking etc.

    Download : iOS

    7. The Elements – A Visual Exploration

    The Elements – A Visual Exploration app explains everything about the periodic table elements in a novel and interesting way. The Elements app is based on Theodore Gray’s best selling book with the same name.

    Download : iOS

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    8. Schoology

    With Schoology app, every student can create a personal account and avail a lot of features including an interactive platform for performing class discussions and other collaborative activities. They can also submit assignments, projects, class notes etc. through this app.

    Download : iOS

    9. History – Maps of the World

    History – Maps of the World is an interactive learning app for kids dealing with historical and geographical shifts in the maps, made through the ages. It will make learning important historical events and conquests easier.

    Download : iOS

    10. MathBoard

    MathBoard helps with the easy learning of algebra. Various basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, squareroots etc are covered through simple and engaging practices and activities.

    Download : iOS

    11. LearnEnglish Great Videos

    Learn English Great Videos, is an app entirely devoted to teaching English vocabulary, its spelling, and pronunciation. The great thing about this app is that students can learn lessons and refine their speaking skills by watching these videos.

    Download : iOS

    12. Sushi Monster

    Sushi Monster is an educational gaming app for kids. There are a lot of friendly monster characters whom students have to help with completing tasks like getting a target sum or product. Points are rewarded for correct answers, which encourage and motivate students and takes the game forward.

    Download : iOS

    13. Memrise

    Memrise is right for your language class, if you focus on enhancing your student’s memory and vocabulary. There are over 10 languages to choose from and through this app students can explore into an array of activities that simultaneously makes learning quicker and memorizing easier.

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