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12 Cool Apps for Businesses to Go Paperless!

12 Cool Apps for Businesses to Go Paperless

The age of passing printed drafts back and forth is over. Now, you can go paperless with apps that help you to prepare, verify, sign, and edit documents.

1. Evernote

This is an all-in-one app that aids you in doing all your paperless works. With Evernote, it will become easy for you to take notes and make lists. You can upload photos of your receipts and save pictures to your account from your tablet or smartphone. All this data will be synced across multiple devices, so that they could be accessed from anywhere. You can also share your work with other Evernoters.

2. Expensify

Do you remember how you reported expenses during the old days? You had to attach each of the receipts to a paper sheet and fill out individual forms for them. Expensify is an app that could make this job more convenient for you.

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You can just take pictures of your receipt and the app will extract all main details to add it to the expense report. All key elements such as the date, venue’s name, and total expenditure will be identified by the app. It can also let you track timed expenses by entering the hours and rates, mileage and trips.

3. Pocket

Formerly known as Read It Later, “Pocket” is an app that lets you save reading materials like articles, web pages, and videos so that you can view it later. The content will sync to the cloud and allow you to view them offline. They can be your perfect partner, while you are on a commute or just relaxing.

4. Square Register

Attach a mini credit card reader to your phone or tablet’s headphone jack and use Square Register  to manage your business on the go. It will help you to receive card payments and mail digital receipts to your customer.

5. Eventbrite

Eventbrite lets you go paperless by providing with online ticketing solution. Sell your electronic tickets for a service or an event with mobile payment options and send email receipts to buyers. The app also offers a digital attendance check-in list.

6. Google Drive

Google’s very own cloud storage service to store, sync, create, and edit all your Docs & Spreadsheets. Google Drive allows you to share files with others as well as in drive multiple users can edit them at the same time.

7. Amazon Kindle

On a business tour? Need a quick reference to some important texts? Don’t carry books around with you anymore.

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Get access to millions of kindle books with this e-reader app. Anything from textbooks, research materials, guides, and storybooks can be found here. The Amazon Kindle comes with a number of features like different backgrounds, in-built dictionary, text-size adjustability etc.

8. Camcard

Camcard is a very handy business card reader. You can just snap a photo of a business card, and the app will convert and enter the text information like company name, phone number etc., into the relevant fields. It will also make a contact list addition for you on your phone.

9. Adobe Echosign

This is an e-signature app from Adobe. It allows you to upload documents from Google Drive, Dropbox or upload a photo directly from your tablet and send them for receiving signatures from other Echosign users.

10. Adobe Reader

Nowadays, every PC owner is familiar with Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is an app that does the same purpose on your Smartphone– search, view, and comment on PDF docs.

11. SketchBook Pro

Though it is popularly branded as a go paperless artist app, effective application can be found in business as well. You can doodle ideas or take notes using brushes and tools available in this SketchBook Pro .

12. Handy Scanner Pro/ Tinyscan Pro

Want to quickly scan a document without the help of a stand-alone scanner? There’s an app for that.

Handy Scanner Pro (Android)/Tinyscan Pro (iOS) will scan photos taken by the phone’s rear camera and shares you with filtered images, offering improved readability of the contents. These images can then be stored as PDF or JPG files.