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10 Great Review Sites for Kids Educational Apps

10 Great Review Sites for Kids Educational Apps

Mobile devices are powerful teaching and learning tools. As hundreds of newly designed kids educational apps flood the app repositories day by day, choosing an educational app is not as easy as it may seem.

The services listed below will help you in steering through the confounded world of kids educational apps.

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1. Teachers With Apps

The vast number of educational apps released into the app stores everyday can make it difficult for teachers, therapists, and parents to find the right app to fulfill their educational goals. Teacher With Apps was found to assist you in responsibly selecting quality mobile educational apps. The team achieves this vision by participating students and teachers in the reviewing process.

2. Digital Story Time

Digital Story Time provides individual ratings for a wide range of features in educational digital reading materials such as educational value, animation, audio quality, interactivity, re-readability, bedtime etc. The site already has more than 600 reviews collected in a sortable database.

3. iMums

iMums is an initiative of four mothers, who have dedicated themselves into educating parents about the best digital contents for their children. iMums gives you awareness of the best digital stories, kids educational apps, games, and other technology products; including latest news and articles about educational apps.

4. Geekswithjuniors

Geekswithjuniors is a site for parents living in the modern age of technology. They review only the best kids educational apps, games, and workflow recipes and gives you all essential information that you would need to know about an app. All apps are tried and tested before posting reviews on them. The team behind the curtain has also developed an app for toddlers, namely akzara, which is basically an alphabet and sound learning app.

5. Children’s Technology Review (CTR)

Started as early as 1993, Children’s Technology Review provides objective reviews and ratings of commercial children’s digital media products. They cover children’s apps, games, toys, trends etc. available for newborns up to 15 years of age in the children’s interactive media.

CTR can be availed as a subscription that is delivered monthly or weekly. The website serves as a great resource to parents, teachers, researchers, publishers and librarians for finding interactive media products.

6. Graphite

Graphite is a Common Sense Education service that eases the process of making great technology choices. With Graphite, discovery of the best apps, games, and websites for your classroom use is just one step away. The popular tools that they have reviewed includes Edmodo, ClassDojo, Socrative, and Educreations.

7. Educational App Store (EAS)

Educational App Store has a different criteria of rating apps, unlike most of the services mentioned above. The EAS team focuses on curriculum alignment when they assess educational apps. EAS certified teachers sort out the best educational apps through an organised approach that stresses on educational value and learning outcomes.

8. KinderTown

KinderTown focuses on finding out the best kids educational apps for children who are 3 to 8 years old. Every app is tested by teachers, parents, and children. The key factors that are considered for rating an app includes the fun factor, navigational ease, simple design features, cost etc.

9. Balefire

Balefire gives parents and educators information about apps that focuses on skill development in children. They promote instructional apps of good quality and believes that these apps will build skills that children need as they grow up.

10. Participate Learning

Participate Learning has a collection of expert approved free kids educational apps, videos, and other resources. You will also be able to get info about the favorite educational resources of a lot of teachers who use the service.

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