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How Tracking and Delivery Apps are Changing the Logistics Industry

How Tracking and Delivery Apps are Changing the Logistics Industry

Like most other modern businesses, logistics industry is continually transforming and evolving to meet the new technological demands.

To earn loyalty of customers, its important for logistics companies to transact business on any device, anywhere and any time. Becoming more secure and unified, mobile apps provides a multi-channel experience across web and mobile. To keep pace with the market, you need make use of apps that enable greater transparency and efficiency.

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What do Logistics Apps Generally Help With?

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of using logistics industry apps is its ability to deliver cargo and receive data in real-time to both the employer and the customer. Here, mobile apps can be used to store valuable data and records that will be useful for further business decisions.

In this competitive field of logistics, basic industry standards are increasing in areas of allocating stock, order management, lead times and much more. Without innovative digital solutions, such tasks would be left behind.

Use of mobile apps can make things easier which carries out functionalities such as billing, accounting, and regulatory reporting tasks. In addition, paper waste can be eliminated, manpower is reduced, and human errors is diminished to an extend. Which in turn will improve profitability and thus enhance the overall business.

Commonly, delivery apps support processes in areas such as:

•  Goods delivery scheduling
•  Remove spread sheet based work tasks
•  Stock picking automation, adding management information and processing metrics

It integrates seamlessly with existing systems and uses messaging services based on industry standards. Users can easily and continuously adapt to apps to keep pace with changing business and market requirements.

GPS technology can be also incorporated to this which is to be done using the location based services which are provided for the people who owe to use this service.

Features for Transport Tracking & Delivery Apps

Logistics apps consists of the following attributes:

Automatic dispatching: Within a mobile app, drivers are automatically assigned according to the distance, availability, direction and current load capacity

Smart Routing: Optimise daily travel routes, thus saving time, cost of fuel, and on the whole maximise the daily drop count per driver each day

Real-Time Job Tracking: You can track every item in real-time. Reduce your missed delivery count and customer complaints. From pick up to drop off, the app will provide driver’s every move

Feedback: Monitor the driver’s service and performance. Monitor customer feedback in real-time
Offline Support: Offline support is essential as it can help employees to enter data whenever required and they manage the entire app with or without Internet access

Driver’s Log: This feature is meant to help keep drivers daily log of activities. It keeps track of everything drivers do each day

Shipment Tracking: This feature provides informations on log carrier, delivery of goods and track the shipments.

Benefits of Apps for Logistics Management

•  Consist of the entire catalogue of all representative offices for product delivery with full lists of telephone numbers and work schedules.
•  Calculates the delivery time period of the cargo
•  Latest information about the company, information on new services etc.
•  Tracks status of cargo delivery using the receipt number
•  Calculating price of the cargo
•  Details on cargo receiving and other details
•  Manage your fleet
•  Quick search
•  Finding location of nearby offices
•  Makes asset tracking easier
•  As mobile apps are connected 24/7, it automatically delivers data about traffic informations, which is more accountable than any other form of data for delivering goods on time
•  Such apps consists of powerful APIs that connects apps for delivery services with third party online ordering providers for real time orders and confirmations

For an industry like logistics which is on a constant move, mobile apps is an essential choice and plays an important role in ensuring real-time, consistent and accurate data. Building a secure, scalable mobility infrastructure will not only help industries but also earn trust of customers of getting shipments on-time with perfect condition.

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