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Nigerian App ‘Sliide Airtime’ Named as the World’s Most Creative Mobile App

Nigerian App ‘Sliide Airtime’ Named as the World’s Most Creative Mobile App

The Nigerian app ‘Sliide Airtime‘ has been titled as the World’s Most Creative Mobile App at the Global Mobile World Congress awards.

The application which is a unique airtime service for developing countries won the award leaving behind big budget apps from all over the world.

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It was launched in March 2016, to provide its customers an easy way to earn free airtime. It provides personalized stories, news, sponsored contents and adverts from both national and international publishers based on the users interest.

Almost 65% of the apps advertising revenue is used to buy mobile data from telco. This is then given to the users, who can earn airtime by completing tasks. The app is designed to solve problems for the millions of people living in Africa and other emerging markets.

Nigerian App 'Sliide Airtime' Named as the World's Most Creative Mobile App

Sliide has won Best African App at 2016, Most Effective Consumer Smart phone App at the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards in London, and won the Game-Changing Innovation category at the West Africa Com Awards.

The app which is available on the Google Play Store is now ready to launch at its second and third markets of South Africa and Pakistan.

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