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The 9 Most Anticipated Games (Android/iOS) 2022

The 9 Most Anticipated Games (Android/iOS) 2022

After experiencing great frenzy and thrill in mobile gaming in 2017, here is 2018 when mobile game lovers anticipate the most exciting upcoming games. Due to a lot of new fun elements, creative graphics and technology-enabled gaming solutions, this year is surely going to be more exhilarating than the past year when it comes to mobile gaming entertainment.

From strategic, action-packed themes to casual, light-mood games, game development companies have made available an ample number of games to Apple store and Google Play store. While we can always expect new games hitting the market, there are an intriguing few that have most outstanding characteristics and interesting stories.

Here we will take a look at the 9 most anticipated games of 2018 for Android and iOS phones. Check out the list below:

1. Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Adventure has already gained its fans due to its finest attractive graphics and engaging, clever gameplay. So the sequel called Alto’s Odyssey is anticipated to be more exciting due to the promise left by the first one. This game is worth a buzz for 2018’s most awaited games because there is much to be intrigued about.

For once, there is little information revealed to the public on the game, but it can be believed that there will be bits as interesting as mountain adventures and daring flips and a lot many other athletic moves. People also expect a new colour work done to the game visuals with a new environment to explore. Alto will be a thing to watch with a new variety of tricky coups.

2. Assassin’s Creed: Rebellion

The team of Behaviour had created incredible Fallout Shelter that became a sensation among mobile game fanatics and is still earning positive reputation from game addicts. The team is to hit back with an all new title Assassin’s Creed.

With the theme of assassins getting intense in the game, players of Assassin’s Creed will enjoy creating the army of killers and sending them on missions to make some cash. The game is more fulfilling and engaging than Fallout Shelter since it inspires players to participate in the game mission to hit the target without letting anybody die.

Assassins are given a new touch of style that is likely to be both appealing and funny to game fans.

3. Durango

Open world mobile game with survival tactics is a theme people are dying to play on their mobile devices. Durango from Nexon seems to be the best game in this genre with convincing gameplay. This is quite a mature MMORPG in its league as it features a lot of immersive elements to keep the gamers engrossed and active as they survive the odds and dangers through the relentless wilderness riddled with dinosaurs. Here players will find it creative to build their own farm, crafts, settlement and indulge in other activities in the wild fields.

Among other survival-based titles in Android and Apple store, Durango holds much more weight and fame due to its multiplayer experience and strategic defence.

4. Marvel Strike Force

Marvel mobile games are all the rage, and in 2018 the games are expected to go even more successful in making more fans. The Marvel Strike Force designed by the developers from Marvel: Contest of Champions is the one interesting phenomenon this year.

Players are going to be surprised by a dazzling range of characters right from hyper-famous Marvel comics. Players will grab a chance to form a team with Nick Fury to defeat the villains of the comics. It is not fixed when this game is precise to be released, but if you are a true ecstatic fan of actions you can go ahead and opt for pre-registration.

5. Badland Brawl

Badland Brawl has carved the remarkable place in the mobile gaming territory. It is enriched with some novel mechanics that further enlivens the Badland universe. This upcoming game has the power of slingshot for brawler where players hurl their units onto the battlefield to battle it out and overpower the enemy and destroy the enemy tower.

Here the thrilling part is that players will need to earn units and build decks. Players can also grab the opportunity to share units with other players of the clan. With in-game BadTube players can watch previous brawls and learn to dominate their opponents.

6. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a new upcoming sensation in the mobile gaming world in 2018. This is a multi-player shooting gameand engages players divided in three teams. They will have to battle it out each trying to conquer over the other or kill one another to achieve certain objectives and scores as the set game mode will allow.

To fasten the pace of the game to suit your needs, gamers can even opt in to 10 person mode where you can enjoy rough speed for more excitement and fun. Another best part about Brawl Stars is that you can have heroes that can be customized or upgraded and you can build up your own clan or adjust colours to create personalized world of game.

Thus, Brawl Stars makes for one epic milestone to look forward to in 2018.

7. Royal Blood

In the past, people who are addicted to mobile games could not believe how MMORPGs genre is going to be frenzy soon. With the emergence of Lineage 2 Revolution things changed and so did the perspective of gamers for this genre. Just like this game which is already thrilling gamers in Asia, Gamevil’s Royal Blood is about to excite the players in 2018.

Royal Blood is packed with rich battles, ample vivid customization and almost everything that a gamester on PC based MMO games can imagine. You can enjoy the mobile game with as much delight as you grabbed on the PC version.

You can scale up you hope for this one this year as the promising game has already claimed several awards for its vibrant graphics.

8. The Walking Dead: Our world

Augmented reality has bred for us the whole new world of wonders ever since its inception and mobile games is the place where it contributes to bringing more surprises. Smart developers have evolved the gaming structures with AR so far and created brands like Pokemon Go.

With The Walking Dead: Our World, Next Game developers leveraged this technology to enhance the dangerous world of shambling zombies with augmented reality. The game has landed developers among top 50 developers.

Having AR and brilliant location-based game theme, the game will definitely have players feeling enchanted, enjoying the heart-racing sessions of wandering about their neighbourhood for resources while struggling to evade zombies and survive. This is the game full of stimulating surprises for zombie fanatics in 2018.

9. The X-Files: Deep State

While TV is soon to be hit by X-Files show, mobile gamers will also receive the brand new version with the same engaging story features. In 2018 The X-Files: Deep State will make players resolve tricky puzzles and unlock mysteries involved in aliens and government conspiracies.

Mulder’s intense obsessions with aliens will take new form mesmerizing the audience for much more enlivening game play. The developer FoxNext has woven all new cases for players each month with monsters of the week and customization for characters.

Before it strikes the market, perhaps there will be more to the X-Files game story as the show returns to the TV in 2018. You can be ready for the great experience with The X-Files: Deep State.


These are some of the most anticipated games you can expect to rock on Android and iOS phones. While some of them have already electrified the mobile gaming market with lots of creative graphics and inventive characters, others have won hearts by offering unforeseen themes and unique features that made fans out of gamers. In 2018 the mobile game developers are going to unravel more stories gamers can’t wait to explore.

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