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Mobile App Saves Seattle Cardiac Patient Life!

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Mobile App Saves Seattle Cardiac Patient Life!

Sudden cardiac attack is a serious issue around the globe. Every 90 seconds, there is someone who loses their life to sudden cardiac attack.

If you are facing this issue outside the hospital, don’t worry. “PulsePoint” app can help you!

This app was developed by Richard Price, former chief of the San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District in Northern California.

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Last week, DeMont, aged 60, collapsed in front of a bus stop at the University of Washington Medical Center.

A medical student arrived at the spot quickly to help and a nurse helped him to stabilize until the ambulance arrived.

Mobile App Saved Seattle Cardiac Patient Life!

The nurse got an alert through this app. With this app, you can also get to know about the location of the ambulance and monitor emergency radio traffic.

This app is available now for Android and iOS devices.




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