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11 Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring Mobile App Developers For Your App Project

11 Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring Mobile App Developers For Your App Project

The present day mobile apps are garnering a lot of importance when they are becoming the prime instruments to pep up the sales of your products and services. Mobile apps allow you to effectively market your offerings to your target audience; the basic necessity of a small or a large business.

Having said this, it is a common phenomenon to commit mistakes when you are hiring mobile app developers to support your app project.

For all those enterprises who are looking to hire a team of mobile app developers, here are some Don’ts that need to be kept in mind so that you can effortlessly complete your mobile app project.

1. By-Passing the Verification of Credentials

The first and most damaging mistake committed by enterprises while hiring a mobile app development team is to avoid the task of verifying its credentials. In order to get a clear picture of their past works, you should probe into the details concerning how many clients benefited from this team. You can also check out the number of apps the members developed.

2. A Prejudice for Local Mobile App Developers

Enterprises looking to offer their mobile apps to the world at large should avoid having a bias towards local mobile app developers. Not with standing the fact that local developers might seem very tempting because of their proximity, you should keep your options open for remote app developers as well. Blindly falling back on local mobile app developers can hence be damaging to your app which can be bettered by signing up with a team which is located thousands of miles away.

3. Avoiding A Technical Discussion with Developers

Another grave mistake that is committed by companies planning to launch their mobile apps is to sign the dotted line without making an effort to interview the developers. Only when you engage in a technical discussion with the mobile app development team will you be in a position to assess their strengths and weaknesses.

4. Haste Makes Waste

You must have not only heard this famous maxim that haste makes waste, but also experienced it in your real life. Enterprises big or small should be mindful of the fact that mobile app development is a complicated process. Effective apps can be developed when there is a coordination between a designer, a developer and a tester. It goes without saying that all these concerned people should be on the same page when it comes to what is expected from the mobile app.

5. Skewed Towards Costing

No doubt, costing is an important factor that demands a close look when teaming up with an external mobile app development company. However, you should not compromise on the skills of the team when it tempts you with a low development price. Hiring a good mobile app developer is hence a tricky decision that needs to be taken carefully, weighing the skills over the costing constraints.

A cheap app can never be the best. Hence, you should hire a mobile app developer who promises you an effective app that supports your business objective.

6. Lack of Experience in Your Niche

Another common blunder committed by businesses scouting for an external mobile app development team is to hire a team which has no prior experience in your industry. Developers who lack knowledge about your industry will fail to deliver an app that meets the needs of your target audience. Hence, it will be an intelligent move to hire a mobile app developer who is well-versed with the trends in your industry, supported by an extensive knowledge about what features click and what are redundant. Looking into these details will pay you off in more ways than you can imagine.

7. Unprepared For The Road Ahead

Most of the businesses wear blinders which restrict them to stay abreast with the changing needs of end users. Mobile app development calls for continuous updates along with big fixing. These are all the essential sections of the product life cycle that need to be followed at any cost. Any deviation from these rules will seal the future of your app. It is only when you operate with a sense of forethought that you will be able to plan ahead and ensure that your mobile app is prepared for the long haul.

8. Uninformed About Cross Platform Functionalities

Another pointer that should be kept in mind is to avoid all those development agencies that lack cross platform skills. Now is the age of mobile apps compatible with Android and iOS platforms. There will come a time when you need to churn out mobile apps that can be launched on platforms like Blackberry and Windows. In line with this evolving technological trend, it pays for you to sign up with a mobile app development team that ranks high with cross platform app development skills.

9. The Jack of All Trades V/s A Standalone Freelancer

By now, you have understood all the factors necessary to launch a successful mobile app. The development process calls for the individual skills of many professionals who are well-versed in their respective domains. In this regard, you should not be tempted to sign up with a standalone freelancer even if he demonstrates expertise in various technologies.

A development team which thrives with the intelligence of a business analyst, a UX designer, a front-end or UI Developer, a tester along with a strong maintenance team can become your best choice. Thus it makes sense to hire a professional team as against a freelancer who has extensive knowledge about multiple platforms.

10. Repeating the Same Blunders

Learning from a mistake is the stepping stone to progress. You must have made a wrong choice in the past with a bad selection of a mobile app development team. Now is the time to take the support of a professional team which offers you a satisfactory end product. Never should you repeat the same mistakes in teaming up with a team which does not guarantee you a solid mobile app.

11. Don’t Ignore the Striking Differences Between An Agency and a Mobile App Developer

A loud noise is made by big brands calling themselves as potential agencies to support your mobile app development activities. While they can be great agencies, you should base your choice on the value addition that they will provide to your end product. Introspect whether such agencies are the right choice. Choosing a mobile app development partner is indeed a tough task when you can be tempted to sign up with famous OEM brands.

Key Takeaways

Having learnt the complexities involved in churning out a mobile app, it pays to tread safe while choosing a mobile app development team. Look into all the above common mistakes that businesses make when they are just about to sign up with an app development team. Once you ponder over these blunders, you will be able to make the right choice about a professional team that guarantees you a solid app that continuously meets the changing needs of your target audience. To err is human and to learn from these mistakes pays you off big time through a mobile app that spells success to your business; in more ways than you can imagine.

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